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HPAC Magazine - December 2014


Mechanical Industry Plays Starring Role In NHL's Goals

Big Van Gets Boost In Worksite Prowess
Major new features revealed at a press event showcasing the capability of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Minimize The Risk Of Legionella In Building Plumbing Supply Systems

Safety, Savings and Sustainability
Simple test offers several benefits.

System Performance Boils Down To Location, Location, Location
Points to be mindful of when installing and troubleshooting snow melt control.

Why PVC Pipes Sometimes Fail And How To Prevent It

Long Name... Nice Concept...
Use the conditions created by piping, together with circulator characteristics to prevent cavitation.

In Defence Of Compressors
Steps to getting at the root cause of compressor failures.

Ghost-Busting Heat Transfer In Return Air Plenums
Common sense, a bit of heat transfer knowledge and strict adherence to specifications go a long way to improving the air/hydronic dynamic.