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HPAC Magazine - August 2015


How Much Is Enough?
Making sense of relative humidity, wet bulb and grains of moisture.

Accuracy, Reliability and Repeatability
What steps are necessary to achieve optimum valve performance?

I Can't See Any Air
But it is likely still there...

Hello Boiler, It's Wi-Fi Calling
A wireless future for the mechanical industry.

What Are Your Options?
Knowledge is power when it comes to distribution piping design.

A Shot In The Arm
Point-of-use energy consumption measurement removes bias against hydronic systems.

Tips For Successful Installations
How to integrate SIM into almost any outdoor surface.

How To Deal With Ramped Up Loads
Jevons' paradox is alive and well in high performance homes.

Systems do not have to be complex to be sophisticated.

The case for residential sprinkler systems
There is a dual benefit to adding fire protection system installation to your service offering.

Your new drug plan
Medicinal weed is moving into the mainstream and employers must have a strategy in place to manage the inevitable issues.