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HPAC Magazine - October 2014


A Relationship With Benefits
How flow affects heat output and deltaT.

Improve Efficiencies With Careful Compressor Selection
How to match a commercial refrigeration system with design conditions.

District Energy Heats Up Across Canada

Making Sense Of The Numbers
Boiler ratings: how to read them and what they mean to you.

You Hold The Power
Cross connection control specialists are a hot commodity.

The Art Of Leak Detection
The key to success is to institute programs that require regular checks.

Prison-Proof Design
Correctional facilities bring a unique set of challenges.

An update on the Industry Canada benchmarking tool

Snow Melt System Performance
Understand the influence of sensitivity and storm characteristics.

Refrigerants, Controls Top Of Mind At AGM

Anatomy of a single-zone system

News Feature: From The Rock To New Orleans
Trades students help rebuild hurricane-ravaged communities.

Be Aware Of Potential Risks
Just how much of a threat is asbestos to mechanical contractors?

Pellets To PEX
Combi-systems supplied by modern pellet-fueled boilers.

Take A List - Check It Twice
Step-by-step annual servicing of gas appliances.