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HPAC Magazine - October 2015


How to manage payment data
A look at the widening scope of online payment services provided by financial institutions.

Plumber shares his good fortune
Hospital redevelopment gets $25-million shot in the arm from HVAC entrepreneur.

Myths & misconceptions
Understanding the true nature of outbreaks associated with building potable water systems.

Quality, clean and timeless
Innovation is the hallmark of today's bathrooms.

Understanding and measuring energy transfer
It is crucial to calculate the load when designing a heating system.

Cross Connection Control Bad And Ugly photo contest wrap up

What Is going on in the world of Supermarket Refrigeration?

In a field of its own
Standard practice for evaluating residential indoor air quality concerns.

Tubing depth matters!
It is time to find better ways of ensuring that tubing and reinforcing mesh end up near the mid-height of the slab.

Déjà vu, all over again