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September 2, 2021  

ENA Solution Debuts Smart Thermostat

ENASTAT includes features familiar in smart home thermostats, such as app-based controls, smart scheduling and zone setup.

August 31, 2021  

Trane Technologies Adds enVerid Systems HEPA Air Purifier to Portfolio 

enVerid’s ceiling-mounted HEPA air filtration units are expected to be available from Trane immediately across the United States and Canada.

August 31, 2021  

RectorSeal’s Enhanced Solvent Cements and Primers        

Jim PR-1L is a fast-acting, high-etch, purple primer for PVC and CPVC pipe, tubing, and socket-type fittings. 

August 27, 2021  

Natural Resources Canada Releases HVAC Self-Evaluation Tool and Guide 

The voluntary self assessment tool has been tested with a variety of property managers and operations staff.

August 27, 2021  

Little Giant 16G Series 1 HP To Pit+Plus Package Systems

The Pit+Plus package is known for providing an all-in-one solution for light duty wastewater management.

August 26, 2021  

Armstrong’s Variable Speed Fire Pump with Fire Manager

Offers the ability to predict and report potential equipment failure that could result in expensive damage and/or loss of life.

August 13, 2021  

Ouellet Group Acquires Delta-Therm

Distribution of these products is expected to be carried out from Delta-Therm’s current location in Chicago, Illinois.

July 27, 2021  

Finding Power Quality Problems

Using basic power quality measurements, such as volts, amps, and power factor, a technician can narrow down power-related problems to a specific source.

July 22, 2021  

Systemair IV Smart EC – Modbus Jet Fan

Designed for the next generation of parking garage ventilation.

July 21, 2021  

Navien Partners With Nexstar Network

Nexstar Network is a member-owned organization developed to drive business growth for member companies.

July 20, 2021  

The Trouble with Low Suction Pressure

A healthy refrigeration cycle requires close monitoring of pressures, both high and low.

July 20, 2021  

Preparing for Changes to Canada’s Energy Efficiency Act

The amendment will update testing and reporting standards for four particular product categories: gas fireplaces, gas boilers, gas furnaces and oil-fired boilers.

July 13, 2021  

Over Controlling

The problem with adding controls is that usually the controls cannot do everything that needs to be done in one control.

July 12, 2021  

White-Rodgers All-Spark universal ignition module

New connected device replaces more than 800 24V intermittent pilot and direct spark ignition part numbers in the HVAC market.

June 25, 2021  

Benefits of Energy Metering

HPAC Magazine discussed the relatively recent trend to install thermal energy meters (Btu meters) in multi-residential buildings.

June 18, 2021  

Tekmar Launches BACnet Snow/Ice Sensor Interface 681

The BACnet Snow/Ice Sensor Interface is compatible with any BAS controller via BACnet MS/TP communication.

June 15, 2021  

Emerson Celebrates 100 Years of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Innovation

The milestone is expected to be recognized over the next 12 months as the company continues to innovate advanced Copeland products to solve industry challenges.

June 1, 2021  

Master Group Acquires Gagnon & Associates

The Master Group employs over 1,000 individuals across 50 branches.

May 31, 2021  

MSA Safety Purchases Bacharach

Bacharach is known for their gas detection technologies used in the HVAC/R markets.

May 21, 2021  

Franklin Electric Secures Acquisition of New Aqua

Franklin Electric provides the production and marketing of systems and components for the movement of water and fuel.

May 20, 2021  

Electric Eel eCAM Ace 100-Micro Pipeline Inspection Camera

Video is streamed directly to any mobile device which can be used as a monitor.

May 13, 2021  

Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between ASHRAE and IUVA

The new Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) defines parameters by which ASHRAE and IUVA will work cooperatively.

May 11, 2021  

What about Cooling?

The versatility of modern hydronics technology allows designers to create systems that are specifically designed to the needs and constraints of almost any building.

May 5, 2021  

Single Zone 36,000 Btu/h Wall Mounted Heat Pump Systems

Includes a variety of features typical in high-end models, including a base pan heater and wireless remote control.

May 4, 2021  

Smart Refrigerant Charger

The digital manifold gauge features pressure and temperature displays as well as calculated super-heat and sub-cooling data.

May 3, 2021  

Yorkland Controls acquiring Pacific Controls

Pacific Controls will become a business unit of Yorkland and continue serving the HVAC market in B.C.