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January 20, 2022  

Enercare Acquires Syles Mechanical Services

Syles, located near Windsor, Ontario has been in business for more than 50 years, delivering HVAC, plumbing and electrical services.

January 11, 2022  

The Beauty of Lessons Learned

Taking a few trips down memory lane to share some learned experiences.

January 4, 2022  

One Control to Rule Them All

How I got here and what I’ve learned about this industry.

December 23, 2021  

Daikin Introduces North American Mini-Split with R-32

The new Atmosphera is the first single zone system with R-32 refrigerant in North America and is available in U.S. States where building codes permit the use of A2L refrigerants.

December 10, 2021  

Right Time Continues to Grow with Purchase of Climate Air Heating & Air Conditioning

Climate Air marks the eleventh acquisition completed by Right Time.

November 30, 2021  

The Duct Free Zone: History of the Mini Split

I had the pleasure of learning the history of the mini split from a man who actually lived it.

November 25, 2021  

Napoleon NS18 Heat Pump and Air Handler

The NS18 Series is compatible with any standard heat pump thermostats, smart thermostats or smart home systems working on 24V.

November 25, 2021  

Ontario Makes Investment to Attract Young People to Skilled Trades Careers

The funding is expected to help attract more students to trades and ensure employers have the workers they need to grow their businesses.

November 23, 2021  

AHR Expo Announces 2022 Education Program

Attendees can view the complete schedule for the 2022 AHR Expo Education Program on the education section of the AHR Expo website.

October 20, 2021  

Panasonic Debuts New Intelli-Balance 200 Energy Recovery Ventilator to Canada

Designed to increase airflow in tightly built homes with both exhaust and supply air.

September 30, 2021  

Danfoss Celebrates New Canadian Office With Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Danfoss has operated in Canada for 69 years, including in Mississauga for the last 47.

September 15, 2021  

Zoning Considerations

Things to consider when planning your piping layouts.

September 8, 2021  

Understanding Evaporators

A fundamental element of the vapour compression cycle in refrigeration, it’s vital to revisit the basic functions of evaporators and how to keep them operating at their peak. 

August 18, 2021  

B.C. Launches Ammonia Safety Awareness Program

A series of free training courses developed due to the rise of ammonia-related incidents and hazards at provincial arenas.

July 30, 2021  

Rheem to Acquire Friedrich Air Conditioning

Friedrich Air Conditioning is a manufacturer of room A/C and other home environment products.

July 30, 2021  

GE Appliances Introduces New GE Zoneline Ultimate V10

Additional features include silent cooling, onboard diagnostics and WiFi capabilities.

July 20, 2021  

Mitsubishi Electric Introduces FS Mini-Split with Hyper-Heat Plus

New technology delivers 100% heating at -20C, and sustains high efficiency as low as -25C.

July 20, 2021  

The Trouble with Low Suction Pressure

A healthy refrigeration cycle requires close monitoring of pressures, both high and low.

July 15, 2021  

E Flow Technologies expands SMARTPACK fan packs

Now available for 480 – 600V 3-phase AC voltage 50/60Hz for Canadian applications.

July 7, 2021  

Air-to-Water Heat Pump Experience

This 30 Mechanical Minutes session shares details of a residential air-to-water heat pump installation.

July 6, 2021  

Refrigerant Management Canada Increases Fee on CFC-11 Refrigerant Disposal

The new fee is set to be $20.00/kilogram for CFC-11 refrigerant entering the program for destruction.

July 1, 2021  

Canadians Among 2021 ASHRAE Award Winners

Members recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the organization and HVAC/R industry.

June 21, 2021  

World Refrigeration Day to Celebrate Cooling Champions

More than 15-million people are currently employed worldwide in the refrigeration sector.

June 10, 2021  

Johnson Controls expands water-cooled chiller portfolio

The Quantech QWC4 water-cooled screw chiller uses variable speed drive technology.

June 2, 2021  

Diving Deep Into BTU Meters

At its core a thermal energy meter is a device that measures the amount of thermal energy used in a fluid system over a given amount of time.

May 31, 2021  

Jaga expands hydronic fan coil unit line

The higher capacity Briza 22 and Briza 26 units are small enough to install in the wall or ceiling with either ducted or non-ducted systems.