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100 candles for steam boiler manufacturer

June 24, 2016 | By HPAC Magazine


steam boiler,Bryan Steam

The bent water tube boiler, which powered steam powered vehicles was rugged, impervious to thermal shock, compact and easy to service, making it ideal for other applications.

Steam boiler manufacturer Bryan Steam LLC is celebrating its 100th year in business. Founded in 1916 as the Bryan Harvester Company by a locomotive engineer and steam power enthusiast named George Bryan, the company originally produced cars and steam powered tractors.

By 1922 Bryan Harvester had stopped this kind of production after the rise of the gasoline engine. It moved to refining and marketing the bent water tube boiler. The boilers had originally powered the steam-powered vehicles. The company was then renamed Bryan Steam LLC.

Today, Bryan Steam offers a range of boilers including gas, oil, and gas/oil fired boilers, as well as electric, condensing, Low NOx, and knockdown boilers. Bryan Steam also manufactures indirect water heaters, pool heaters, feed systems, and related equipment and accessories.


To celebrate 100 years in business, the company is planning an open house in August for its employees, North American representatives, vendors and local and stage dignitaries. The family picnic event will be held at Bryan Steam’s manufacturing facility in Peru, IN and will include food and tours.



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