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Heating, cooling solutions part of PCL Construction, Microsoft partnership

May 9, 2018 | By Jillian Morgan

PCL Construction Microsoft smart building solutions

PCL Construction is partnering with Microsoft.

PCL Construction has partnered with Microsoft to develop smart building solutions. The solutions will leverage Microsoft Azure, a cloud-computing platform that includes Power BI and the Azure IoT suite, as well as analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities.

“Smart Building solutions are important to our clients, enabling building operators to gain valuable insights, and it’s an exciting area to be involved in,” said Mark Bryant, CIO of PCL.

PCL, backed by Microsoft Azure, will be developing solutions to address the following:

  • Construction efficiency and safety: Track workers, inventory, and environmental conditions during building construction.
  • System efficiencies throughout buildings: Data collection intended to reduce management, maintenance and utility costs. This could mean automatically turning off the heat in an unused room.
  • Occupant satisfaction and productivity: Personalized and automated building features, including lighting, heating and cooling, and room utilization.
  • Insights and control: Connect usage information from disparate systems and integrate it into a central view.
  • Environmental efficiencies: Optimizing the use of resources for heating and cooling systems, electricity, water, and other utilities to reduce energy consumption and costs. www.pcl.com www.microsoft.com



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