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$57.5M for Manitoba school infrastructure projects, including HVAC systems

April 23, 2019 | By Jillian Morgan

The Manitoba government is spending $57.5 million to overhaul aging school infrastructure across the province.

Education Minister Kelvin Goertzen unveiled the 59 planned projects April 18, 2019, which include renovations and new construction for kindergarten to Grade 12 schools.

The Public Schools Finance Board plans to complete the projects within six to 24 months following the award of tenders and start of construction, Goertzen said.

Mechanical system replacements, including steam boilers, steam heating systems, roof top units and unit ventilators, will total $17 million. Roofing projects will receive $15.5 million.

Structural projects, such crawlspace remediation, wall renewal and foundational replacement, account for $14.4 million. A number of schools seeking accessibility upgrades will receive $10.6 million.

As part of the funding, several schools will undergo major renovations.

Winnipeg’s Sisler High School has been allotted $7 million to construct a 4,000 square foot addition with three classrooms, an elevator, a roof replacement on two wings and a new steam heating system. Construction will begin this spring, according to Goertzen.

MacKenzie Middle School in Dauphin will see at least $4 million in upgrades to a 60-year-old wing, including a roof replacement, a new HVAC system and a foundation upgrade.

A new link is also planned to connect the second-storey wing to the main building, along with the installation of two accessible washrooms. Construction is slated to begin in summer 2019, the minister said. www.manitoba.ca



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