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Emerson provides apprentices with hands-on training opportunity

October 12, 2017 | By HPAC Magazine

Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions Canada hosted a complimentary training event exclusively offered to apprentices. Over 65 HVAC/R apprentices arrived at the Emerson Canada Integrated Learning Centre in Brantford ON to take part in the first ever Emerson Apprentice Day. The event brought apprentices together from all over Ontario to take spend a day understanding and identifying different compressor failures.

The day began with some in-class theory followed by a hands-on session, which involved the apprentices visiting various themed stations focused on reasons for compressor failures such as floodback, electrical failures, liquid and oil slugging, and high discharge temperature. Discussions included how to identify the cause of failure as well as potential solutions available. In addition, participants discussed current industry trends and were given the opportunity to network with peers and industry leaders in the HVAC/R technology space.
Mike Trimble, an apprentice at HTS Engineering Ltd., said “I found the training [Emerson] provided to be hands down the best training seminar I’ve been to since I started the trade… I will be much more confident, and aware, as to what to look for to confirm that the compressor I’m diagnosing actually malfunctioned, and whether it even needs to be replaced, or if a repair can be made.”
Also, speaking on what was gained through the event, Racy Nuth, an apprentice at Merrit Building Solutions, said “…the amount of depth that [Emerson] put into your session was highly beneficial. Having a visual representation of what happens internally helps a lot with understanding why things happen the way they do.”
The day closed with lunch and a prize draw sponsored by various industry leaders and Emerson authorized wholesalers.  Manager of marketing and communications Pamela Jordan, said “The event was a huge success! The enthusiasm that these apprentices brought forth was refreshing. They are eager to learn and Emerson will be here to support them along the way. Looking forward to planning our next Apprentice Day and continue giving back to the industry where we can.”
This is the most dramatic period of change that the refrigeration industry has ever seen. Refrigeration mechanics will need continual education to keep up with this fast pace of change. Investment in our apprentices is critical to the success of our industry,” said John Rabbito, Emerson director of marketing and business development.”
No date has been established for the next apprentice day.



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