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Johnson Controls acquires Synchrony from Siemens

November 4, 2019 | By Megan Hoegler

Johnson Controls plans to use Synchrony's technology to improve the performance and efficiency of its centrifugal chiller products.

MILWAUKEE, Wis.— Johnson Controls will be acquiring Synchrony, the Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) technology arm of Siemens Gas and Power.

Johnson Controls has acquired Synchrony from Siemens Oil and Gas

The acquisition, which was announced on November 4, will enable Johnson Controls to improve the performance of its centrifugal chiller products using Synchrony’s AMB technology to improve energy efficiency, reliability and reduce maintenance costs.

According to Johnson Controls’ vice-president of product engineering for global chiller products, Ian Casper, the HVACR industry is rapidly adopting AMB technology for this purpose.

“Owning this technology will enable deeper integration of chiller system development, which will further enhance customer value,” Casper said in a release.

“Johnson Controls’ acquisition will enable Synchrony’s technology to access new markets, while still playing a role in our manufacturing supply chain for our global energy business,” Rainer Theisen, head of Global Solutions at Siemens Oil & Gas, said in a release.

As part of the acquisition, Johnson Controls will obtain all of Synchrony’s products and intellectual property, including magnetic bearings, motors, drives, generators and advanced AMB monitoring software.



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