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Ontario homeowners neglect testing, servicing of air conditioners: poll

May 28, 2019 | By Jillian Morgan

Ontario homeowners rely on air conditioners to keep cool during hot weather, but many fail to have the systems serviced or tested before summer, according to an Ipsos poll, conducted on behalf of Enercare Inc.

The survey of more than 1,000 homeowners found 60 per cent of respondents tested their systems on an annual basis, and just 30 per cent had their air conditioner serviced in the past year.

Still, the systems remain essential. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed stated they would not buy or rent a home that does not have air conditioning.

“Testing your home’s air conditioner prior to the first heat wave of the season is a simple and easy way for homeowners to ensure their home and family members will be comfortable when the hot and humid weather arrives this summer,” said Dave Gosling, vice president of field operations for Enercare. www.testyourac.ca




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