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Aegis Electric CO2 Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters
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Six Reasons Building Owners Prefer
CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters

1. Adapt to No-Gas Laws

An increasing number of cities and states are implementing laws that ban, restrict, or disincentivize the use of natural gas in new buildings. In some cases, laws even specify the use of heat pumps...

2. Cut Energy Costs

Aegis CO2 heat pumps from Lync are powered by electricity. With the rising costs of owning and operating a building, the superior energy efficiency of CO2 heat pumps...
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Aegis Electric CO2 Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters

Aegis Electric, CO2 Heat Pumps

Benefit from reliable, year-round hot water and superior energy efficiency in a safe and eco-friendly solution from Lync by Watts.

  • Air, water, or air with water source recovery
  • Non-toxic refrigerant with low GWP and ODP
  • Hot water production up to 170°F
  • Wide ambient operation that provides high COP
    (Coefficient of Performance)
  • 250, 350, or 500 MBH

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