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Cross bore
Before you attempt to clear a blocked sewer line beyond a building’s walls, you must immediately contact Info-Excavation.

A natural gas line could be interfering with the sewer service line. If that is the case, using mechanical tools or a high-pressure water jet could damage the gas line and inadvertently cause a gas leak or even a fire or explosion.
Before clearing a blocked sewer service line,
call Info-Excavation
The gas network is not close in proximity thumbs up The work can proceed safely.
The gas network is close by A crew will be dispatched immediately to locate the natural gas and sewer service lines. In case the gas line does interfere, the situation will be corrected by Énergir.
  Whether it takes a few minutes or several hours, Énergir will reimburse your wait time.
It’s easy, fast and free
Call Info-Excavation at
1 800 663-9228, option 1
For more information: info-ex.com

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