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Seth Mikulin of SureFlo Sewer & Drain talks about how the Flexi-Rooter from General Pipe Cleaners gets him out of a lot of spots where he can’t use a water jetter. He said it efficiently chews through roots and allows him to use a camera with it to identify the areas that need clearing.

General Pipe Cleaners redefines high-speed, flexible-shaft technology with the new Flexi-Rooter® 100 drain cleaner – the next-generation flexible-shaft drain cleaning machine. We’ve added an integral variable speed motor allowing you to adjust the speed from zero to 2200 rpm, a stronger, stiffer shaft which is flexible enough to get through 2" lines, yet strong enough to cut roots in 4" drain lines up to 75 feet down the line, and unique ClogChopper cutters, which we combined with carbide-tipped chain cutters, to a durable metal, easily maneuverable frame. With the foot pedal, you have both hands free to safely guide the flexible shaft into the line. You can use the Flexi-Rooter simultaneously with your sewer inspection camera system to pinpoint trouble spots in the line and instantly view your results.

See what Seth Mikulin has to say about General Pipe Cleaners’ Flexi-Rooter.

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