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SFA Saniflo Solutions for HVAC Condensate Removal and Neutralization
Increase your business with a quick and easy solution for the removal and neutralization of condensate from HVAC applications. With these quiet SFA Saniflo condensate systems, you can pump, neutralize or do both. Give your customers the ultimate solution.

The SFA Saniflo condensate systems are easy to inspect and service making them the preferred brand for service companies as these can be included in their maintenance service contracts. By installing SFA Saniflo systems, you easily save money on expensive damages caused to the plumbing, soil or sewer line because of harsh condensate.
The easy solution to pump condensate away from condensing boilers and air conditioners. Suitable for a condensing boiler, HVAC systems, air conditioners. One of the most powerful and quiet condensate pumps on the market. This powerful pumping unit can be floor or wall mounted. It comes with provisions for a ready-to-wire connection to an external overflow switch.
Sanicondens®Best Flat
Low profile condensate pump with two inlets for neutralization and an additional inlet for plain condensate. Will neutralize condensate from appliances up to 500,000 BTU/hour. The three and a half quart capacity condensate pump comes equipped with 20 feet of vinyl tubing, PVC discharge adapter and neutralizing granules. Comes ready to install with connections to an external overflow, shut-off switch, or alarm system.
A system that neutralizes acidic condensate from condensing boilers, HVAC systems, water heater systems, etc. Works without a pump or it can be placed before a Sanicondens® or Sanicondens® Best Flat. Will neutralize condensate from appliances up to 240,000 BTU per hour. Easy to inspect and replace neutralizing granules.

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