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CB Supplies

Unlike traditional forced-air systems, which rely on blowing heated air through ducts, hydronic systems use a water-based solution to transfer heat. Method offers numerous benefits, including consistent warmth, reduced energy consumption, and improved indoor air quality.

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Discover our extensive selection of heating and cooling systems and embark on the journey towards a more comfortable living space. Embrace a future defined by warmth and unwavering reliability, courtesy of Conforto’s exceptional heating and cooling products.

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Navien brings our unparalleled expertise in hydronics to HVAC with the new NPF Hydro-furnace in upflow and horizontal models, and 60,000 and 100,000 BTU/h sizes, with robust airflow ranging from 1.5 – 5 tons up to an inch of static pressure. All models are 97% AFUE and Ultra-Low NOx compliant, meeting the stringent requirements of SCAQMD rule 1111.

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COMING SOON! After more than a year of meticulous product development and testing, this Spring NTI Boilers will launch its latest flexible, high performing boiler: the NTI Compass. NTI Compass is available in sizes ranging from 85 to 199 MBH and delivers up to 96% AFUE performance – it’s a workhorse boiler that will be an ideal fit for nearly every residential or light commercial installation.

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Designed with the Professional in mind, the NEW SENSEI® RX product ushers in the next generation of water heating and delivers increased installation ease, operational performance, and serviceability while delivering a Rinnai Industry First 0.98 UEF (Uniform Energy Factor). With NEW Ground-Breaking Product Features and a reduced SKU count from 24 to just 6 models, the SENSEI RX Series makes it easier than ever to sell, install, and service the best-performing tankless water heater Rinnai has ever made.

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Taco Comfort Solutions

The 00e® series - 0018e featuring Bluetooth is a versatile, variable speed, high-efficiency wet rotor circulator with an ECM permanent magnet motor ideal for closed loop hydronic heating, open loop or domestic water applications. Download the Taco 0018e Mobile App to see and control real-time system performance. Run system operation & validation reports including performance diagnostics & history. Know the most efficient setting based on real-time feedback and alleviate the problems of over-pumping.

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Thermo 2000

Renowned in North America for its expertise, Thermo 2000 designs and manufactures a wide range of high-performance heating products for residential, commercial and institutional applications. Its innovative products, available through an extensive network of distributors, include electric boilers, indirect instantaneous water heaters, buffer tanks and fan-coils. The company’s commitment to innovation, quality and customer service has earned it a reputation as a leader in electric boilers and hydronic heating systems.

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Triangle Tube

Triangle Tube is thrilled to announce the launch of the Connect Loyalty Program, designed exclusively for contractors like you. Connect is an industry leading loyalty program providing contractors with rewards for installing our best-in-class products. We’ve made it extraordinarily simple to reward yourself for each Triangle Tube product you install.

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Speak with representatives and view state of the art hydronics related products from the brands you know – and maybe some new ones too! You’ll have a chance to win prizes, and the food is on us! Join John Siegenthaler and friends for Modern Hydronics – Summit 2024! And for relative newcomers to the hydronics industry, be sure to sign up for Hydronics 101, brought to us by NEXT Supply, where you’ll learn all you need to know to get a headstart in this dynamic sector of the heating industry.
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