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Seamlessly integrate into any system, the Atmos Central Heat Pump (18k – 24k BTU/hr) is the definition of reliability in residential and commercial spaces. Featuring a variable speed compressor that modulates from 35% to 100% to ensure precise comfort. With a small footprint, quiet operation, and a 10-year warranty on parts and compressors, Atmos redefines outdoor unit aesthetics while guaranteeing efficient, uniform temperature control.

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Fujitsu General

Fujitsu General America’s new Airstage VU-V VRF system represents the company’s latest generation of VRF technology. The technology features many design improvements that yield higher performance and efficiency, wider operating ranges, greater design and installation flexibility, larger overall system capacities, and enhanced comfort. The extended system capacity range, from 6 to 36 tons, delivers optimal space - and cost-savings. The larger single module outdoor unit can be designed in one system up to 36 tons.

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GREE Canada

GREE Canada’s patented 2-stage/2-cylinder compressor, a hallmark feature present in every product within our Ultra-Heat™ Series. This revolutionary technology sets GREE heat pumps apart specifically for low ambient temperature heating with air-source heat pumps. Traditional heat pumps often struggle to maintain efficiency in colder climates, but our 2-stage/2-cylinder compressor optimizes performance, delivering exceptional heating at outdoor temperatures as low as -30°C.

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For 2024, Moovair presents the Central-Moov Matched Coil Add-On System; the ideal choice for retrofit of natural gas, propane, or electric furnaces. The coil add-on system delivers proven energy-saving with HEAT+ inverter drive technology and added flexibility for the homeowner. The Central-Moov system provides year-round comfort in a solution that’s efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

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Heat pumps have gained a reputation for being inefficient at lower temperatures, but MRCOOL® believes that heat pumps are the future of HVAC - and they have the products to prove it. For example, the Central Ducted Hyper Heat Split System goes above and beyond to hit all the marks desirable in an HVAC system, like achieving a SEER2 rating of 17.4. The system surpasses many others in terms of efficiency, savings, and comfort.

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The Vitocal 100-AW is a Residential Air-to-Water Heat Pump System featuring an outdoor unit, an indoor unit and a steel buffer tank (20 gal). The kit is delivered on a single pallet for easy inventory, delivery, and jobsite ease. This provides the advantage for a fast and simple installation. The Vitocal 100-AW offers 3 different sizes 1.5, 3.0, and 4.3 Tons for cooling / 20.5, 34.0 and 58.0 MBH for heating (nominal capacities) which allows for flexible application types.

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