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Mitsubishi Electric

Hybrid VRF (HVRF) is the world’s first and only 2-pipe VRF heat recovery system that uses water instead of refrigerant in occupied spaces, revolutionizing comfort by taking VRF into spaces it could never go before. HVRF operates as a standard VRF system between the branch box and City Multi outdoor unit, while utilizing water in the interior piping between the branch box and fan coils.

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Alleguard’s insulated PEX panel combines a number of unique elements making it one of the best panels on the market. The panel consists of expanded polystyrene insulation, moulded to high impact polystyrene film. This combination makes for a stronger, more resilient interlocking PEX panel. Additionally, the panel nubs form a mushroom shape, locking the PEX piping firmly in place. Once inserted, it guarantees that the pipe is properly positioned and seated in the panel.

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Forane® 32 refrigerant is your replacement solution– bridging the present with the future–under the global HFC phasedown. With global acceptance, R-32 has been used in over 100 million units, providing the HVAC industry a lower cost and lower GWP alternative.

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Healthy home humidity, between, 40-60% RH, is an absolute must to protect building occupants and the contents of their home. We spend 90% of our time indoors, so ensuring the air we breathe is humidified to minimize viruses and reduce health issues for ourselves and our pets is essential in creating a healthy indoor space. Hydrated air is also essential for valuable objects such as wood cabinets & furniture, hardwood flooring, musical instruments, art, collectables, and wine cellars to prolong their life and prevent damage.

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Little Giant

The Little Giant 16G Series grinder pump is a heavy-duty 1 hp grinder pump designed for high head sewage or effluent removal in the most challenging residential and light commercial wastewater and clog-prone applications. Available as a single pump product or in simplex and duplex packaged systems.

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Kane Canada

Commercial Gas Analyzer with direct CO, O2 & CO sensor protection
  • Tests domestic, commercial & industrial boilers up to 2 million BTU
  • Latest upgradeable sensor technology
  • Easy to use rotary dial
  • Purge pump protection prevents accidental damage to CO sensor
  • Wireless as standard
  • Wirelessly connect to optional KANE LINKTM enabled devices
  • Hydrogen (H2) ready – up to 20% blend
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This reciprocating bi-metal blade bend and resist breaking and extend blade life. The unique blade geometry positions the blade for optimum cutting performance. The Tuff Tooth™ design is reinforced to cut stronger. Designed for extensive metal applications: Thin blade design is ideal for making quick cuts through a range of metal types and gauges.

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Introducing the NAVAC NR7 Recovery Unit, thoughtfully designed with field technicians in mind. Weighting 20.3 lbs, the NR7 boasts a compact and lightweight construction without compromising performance. As an A2Lcompatible machine, its compact brushless DC motor maximizes airflow. Coupled with a large fan and condenser, the NR7 achieves optimal cooling capacity independently, helping to eliminate the need for a sub-cooler when operating in high ambient temperatures.

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RLS Fittings

RLS (Rapid Locking System), inventor of the original press fittings for HVAC and refrigeration applications, has surpassed 20 million installed fittings over more than 9 years of field use. This impressive track record demonstrates the reliability of the company’s products, which have changed the industry by minimizing the time-consuming and potentially dangerous process of brazing copper tube joints.

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Olimpia Splendid

The Maestro Tower is a 12,000 BTU/h heating and cooling unit, 230V with Inverter Compressor Technology and ECM Variable Speed Motor, available in R-32. It is offered with full metal cabinet or with recessed panel option. There is also an option for an integrated Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) for dedicated outside air requirements as well as the option for back up electric heat (2kW). The Maestro Tower is designed for use in residential multi-family or light commercial for medium to high rise applications. With its compact upright slim design, on board touch screen controller, and whisper-quiet operation, Olimpia Splendid has added to the Maestro product line another AC/HP with NO outdoor unit. Contact sales@olimpiasplendidusa.com

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This special edition of 30 Mechanical Minutes will take place Live from the show floor at CMPX, Canada's largest trade show for the plumbing and mechanical industry. Recording from the Podcast Stage, HPAC will be speaking with hydronics industry legends, John Siegenthaler and Robert Bean (Siggy and The Bean) about the latest trends, where the industry is headed and where they see the greatest opportunities for plumbing and HVAC professionals in the years to come. This edition of 30 Mechanical Minutes is sponsored by IBC.

Speak with representatives and view state of the art hydronics related products from the brands you know – and maybe some new ones too! You’ll have a chance to win prizes, and the food is on us!

Join John Siegenthaler and friends for Modern Hydronics – Summit 2024! And for relative newcomers to the hydronics industry, be sure to sign up for Hydronics 101, brought to us by NEXT Supply, where you’ll learn all you need to know to get a headstart in this dynamic sector of the heating industry.