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About Us


A.O. Smith

This year, A. O. Smith Enterprises Ltd. proudly celebrates 150 years of innovation with a series of game-changing product launches. These exciting products will be featured at CMPX: the new Adapt™ Premium Condensing Gas Tankless, the next generation of our ProLine® XE Connected Heat Pump and the new John Wood ProLine® Master Connected Electric (both featuring iCOMM™ connectivity), and our Cyclone™ XL with ultra-quick recovery.

CMPX Booth #1739
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LAARS® FT Series Commercial Boiler gives you the flexibility to install on the wall or the floor. Choose from 399 MBH and 301 MBH sizes with both models boasting 95% thermal efficiency and up to 10:1 turndown. You’ll also appreciate the ability to cascade up to four boilers of any model using up 150 equivalent feet each of 4” vent and air and 65 equivalent feet each of 3” vent and air pipe.

CMPX Booth #517
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General Pipe Cleaners

General Pipe Cleaners has rethought high-speed, flexible shaft drain cleaners with the Flexi-Rooter® 100 – the next generation flexible shaft machine! Flexi-Rooter 100 offers a stronger flexible shaft with the strength to cut through roots in 4” lines yet flexible enough to negotiate 2” lines. Integral variable speed motor with foot pedal to allow you to use both hands to safely guide the flexible shaft into the line.

CMPX Booth #1702
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Liberty Pumps

The ProVore® grinder from Liberty Pumps is designed for use in applications where addition of a bathroom or other fixtures below sewer lines requires pumping. Traditionally, solids-handling sewage pumps in the 4/10 hp. to 1/2 hp range, have been used for these applications. The solids-handling sewage pump design passes waste and solids through the pump in full-form without shredding or grinding.

CMPX Booth #532
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Who doesn’t like heated floors in the bathroom? Your toilet wax gasket, that’s who. Heated floors dry out a traditional wax gasket causing the toilet to eventually leak over time. Lyncar Waterline is introducing two new products to prevent this from happening. Introducing two new additions to the toilet gasket lineup. Along with the traditional wax gasket and the sponge rubber gaskets are the mixed rubber & wax, and the new all-blue rubber gaskets.

CMPX Booth #817
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Reliance Worldwide

HoldRite fixture boxes are designed for use in commercial and residential applications and allow for installation of water supply valves during the rough-in phase. They can be installed between studs using a hyco bar, HoldRite 170, or other galvanized bracketing or can be installed directly to a stud via flange holes. Each fixture box assembly includes a supply valve with a quarter-turn handle and a 1/4 in. or 3/8 in.

CMPX Booth #419
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The Rheem® ProTerra® Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater delivers impressive savings—with potential energy saving and costs savings. Plus, it’s full of smart features from built-in Wi-Fi to our exclusive LeakGuard™ leak detection and prevention. Perfect for replacement – easy replacement with the same dimensions as a standard electric water heater and one-button startup.

CMPX Booth #1303
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Are you tired of dealing with faulty sewage ejector pumps and messy maintenance problems? Look no further than SFA Saniflo’s Sanipit® 24 GR and Sanipit® 24 GR CB pre-assembled retrofit and complete grinder pump kits. The Sanipit® 24 GR retrofit pump is equipped with a 1-HP grinder motor and air pressure mechanism. Its pre-assembled, heavy-duty pump kit easily retrofits into most 24-inch basins, making the replacement of faulty systems seamless.

CMPX Booth #539
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This special edition of 30 Mechanical Minutes will take place Live from the show floor at CMPX, Canada's largest trade show for the plumbing and mechanical industry. Recording from the Podcast Stage, HPAC will be speaking with hydronics industry legends, John Siegenthaler and Robert Bean (Siggy and The Bean) about the latest trends, where the industry is headed and where they see the greatest opportunities for plumbing and HVAC professionals in the years to come. This edition of 30 Mechanical Minutes is sponsored by IBC.

Speak with representatives and view state of the art hydronics related products from the brands you know – and maybe some new ones too! You’ll have a chance to win prizes, and the food is on us! Join John Siegenthaler and friends for Modern Hydronics – Summit 2024! And for relative newcomers to the hydronics industry, be sure to sign up for Hydronics 101, brought to us by NEXT Supply, where you’ll learn all you need to know to get a headstart in this dynamic sector of the heating industry.