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About Us


Alpha Controls

AccuTools was founded to fill a void in the development of new and innovative products in the HVAC/R, automotive diagnostics, and test instrument markets. Their trademarked AccuTools line of professional products is unsurpassed in accuracy and precision by any tool in their class.

AccuTools products are available at Alpha Controls & Instrumentation, and for a limited time you can SAVE 15% OFF!
Sale ends September 30th, 2023.
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Engineered to be as flexible as it is efficient, Laars’ all-new FT Series commercial wall-hung boiler easily converts from wall to floor with optional floor stand including these features:
  • 2 models: 399 MBH and 301 MBH sizes
  • Up to10:1 turndown and 95%+ thermal efficiency
  • Durable 316L stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger
  • Top or bottom water and gas connections
  • DHW Smart Priority™
  • Cascade up to 4 boilers
  • PVC, CPVC, SS, or PP venting materials — 3" up to 65' and 4" up to 100'
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General Pipe Cleaners

General’s Flexi-Rooter flexible shaft drain cleaning machine uses ClogChopper six-bladed cutters along with our carbide-tipped and non-carbide chain cutters to break through the toughest clogs, scale and roots. The cutters grind up the stubborn stoppages and scour the pipe walls clean. The rotating shaft is 10 times faster than traditional shafts, yet easy to handle. It’s extremely flexible for clearing 2" lines, and extra-strong to cut roots in 4" lines up to 75 feet long. Plus, the foot pedal leaves both hands free to guide the shaft into the drain.
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Franklin Electric

For 80 years, Little Giant pumps have helped you get the job done with proven reliability. We’re ready to tackle your toughest residential or light commercial wastewater challenges with the new Little Giant 16G Series 1 HP Grinder - available as a standalone or as a packaged system with our Pit+Plus basin. It delivers optimal power to prevent flushables and other debris from clogging and causing downtime. And it’s built like all Little Giant pumps: to last.
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Amrad is an insulated under slab depressurization panel and a key component in a radon gas mitigation system. The space created by the integrated channels serves as an air gap for soil gas collection which means that the radon gas can vent out to the exterior using a connected PVC piping with a continuously running exhaust fan. This panelized solution with its unique channel design, void percentage, film and foam density creates a strong and durable panel, giving builders the ability to build an insulated concrete slab while meeting radon building code requirements and improving the indoor air quality for occupants.
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Answer every call and win more work. Say goodbye to missed work opportunities with ServiceForge’s HVAC receptionists.
  • Manage calls, appointments, leads, and more 24 hours a day
  • Answer after-hours - evenings, weekends, and holidays included
  • Scalable services as you need them with seasonal changes
  • Affordable alternative to hiring in-house customer service reps.
Talk to our team to see how many more jobs you could win!
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