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Vancouver-based Sterling Cooper acquired by international firm

April 25, 2016 | By HPAC

Norman Disney & Young (NDY), a global engineering consultancy, has announced its expansion into the Canadian market with the acquisition of Sterling Cooper Consultants, a mechanical engineering company based in Vancouver, BC. This Canadian expansion means that NDY now operates across four continents.

On a local level, the acquisition means that NDY is able to move towards offering its clients a one-stop-shop for building services. In addition, the expansion will provide the firms’ employees with a different perspective on environmental initiatives, technology and operating systems.

Patrick Fogarty, director of clients and strategy at NDY, explained that, “In Australia, which is quite the opposite of Vancouver, there is limited supply of water. Energy costs are also three to four times higher than Vancouver costs. Because of this the Vancouver operation will be exposed to many different and new ways to design systems that allow for a increasingly efficient use of resources.”

Fogarty added that NDY’s exposure to the European market through the company’s work in the London office and on the European mainland also adds breadth to the company’s environmental experience, which will benefit the Vancouver office.

According to a press release detailing the acquisition, Canada will be in a stronger position to attract, train and retain future engineers and talent as well.

“Sharing information and experiences across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America allows for the development of strong globally well rounded careers,” said William Steeves, vice president at Sterling Cooper. Steeves added that there is also a huge opportunity for travel throughout the NDY group offices for those interested in developing their careers from a global perspective.

NDY plans to create an economic impact plan as part of its investment in the Canadian market. The economic impact plan will focus on key areas including sustainability, technology innovations and job creation.

Sterling Cooper will eventually operate under the NDY name, but in the meantime the company will remain Sterling Cooper under the NDY Group.



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