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New campaign to promote role of engineers

April 11, 2023 | By HPAC Magazine

Engineers Canada new "Building Tomorrows" campaign shows how engineers are builders of solutions that make a difference in our world.

Engineers Canada, the association that supports consistent regulations and growth of the profession, has launched a new campaign that encourages Canadians to think differently about the value engineers bring to society.

Conceived in collaboration with provincial and territorial regulating bodies, the “Building Tomorrows” campaign challenges Canadians to expand their perceptions of engineers—not just as builders of bridges and buildings—but as builders of solutions that make our world a better place.

The national awareness campaign includes a television spot that uses a series of digitally rendered “builds” to illustrate how engineers use creativity and innovation to develop solutions to everyday problems like energy efficiency and smart city planning, as well as drive advances in medical treatments and resilient infrastructure.

With this campaign, the profession hopes to broaden people’s understanding of the contributions engineers make every single day to the world around us.

The campaign includes a 30-second television spot running for seven weeks, a new microsite, as well as a digital and social media campaign.




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