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Canadian Hydronics Council: Best Practices for Installations ​​& Certification (webinar)

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September 30, 2020

The Canadian Hydronics Council  is holding a webinar on Wednesday, September 30, from 1:00 – 2:00 pm (eastern time) on the topic of Best Practices for Installations & Certification.

Over the course of the one-hour session, attendees will learn:

·         Worst case scenarios, as in what has brought us to certification.
·         CSA B214 and its importance
·         Certification Pathways
·         Building envelope and the relevance to heat loss
·         And finally, a look at better and best-case scenarios.

Th webinar is intended for anyone in the hydronic heating industry including: hydronic installers, hydronic designers, business owners, managers and technicians

Members can register for the webinar at $99 per site (non-members, $129 per site).

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