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PART TWO: Why air-to-water heat pumps are a market opportunity for hydronic professionals (featuring John Siegenthaler)

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November 20, 2020


John Siegenthaler, P.E.

Part 1 of this webinar series (September 22), sponsored by Caleffi and hosted by John Siegenthaler, introduced the concept and market potential for air-to-water heat pumps in North America.

Part 2, taking place on Friday, November 20 at 1 pm (eastern time) will drill down into more detail on how to apply modern air-to-water heat pumps, including design details, performance simulations, and several example systems.

If you design hydronic heating and cooling systems, Part 2 will provide you with several take-ways to help maximize the performance of air-to-water heat pumps in a variety of system configurations including:

  • Understand how performance estimates can be achieved using spreadsheets
  • Learn when buffer tanks are required and when they are not needed
  • See how air-to-water heat pumps can provide space heating, cooling, and domestic hot water
  • Understand basic control concepts applicable to air-to-water heat pump systems

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