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The Future of Residential Efficiency Codes (HRAI Webinar)

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May 05, 2020


This two-hour webinar held May 5 from 1-3 PM ET, hosted by John Harris (a registered Energy Advisor and Trainer for the Natural Resources Canada Energuide For Houses Program and an instructor for HRAI since 2002), will discuss the proposed changes to Section 9.36 – Energy Efficiency for the 2020 National Building Code, which includes a system of tiered energy codes starting with the existing 9.36 tables as the base with four additional tiers with roughly 10% reduction in energy consumption per tier.
The concept comes out of the British Columbia Step Codes which uses the NBC 9.36 requirements as the base and allows municipalities to required more stringent requirements, but based on provincial codes. The benefit is that municipalities will no longer have to (or will be allowed to) use voluntary energy efficiency programs or other ad hoc methods, which are not always suitable in a mandatory environment, for their green initiatives.
The session will start with a quick overview of the current provincial codes and then delve into the proposed changes to the NBC and what the tiers mean to the residential construction industry, with an emphasis on the HVAC industry.

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