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The Unintended Consequences of Energy Conservation

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April 07, 2016
419 Congress Ave Austin, TX 78701

At the 2016 ACI National Home Performance, Conference and Trade Show.

Presenter: Robert Bean, President, Indoor Climate Consultants Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Room 412

If Howard Cosell were an engineer…in the Team Green corner representing conservation, are the industry favorites of enclosure improvements and energy efficiency. In the Team Chaos corner representing entropy is the relatively unknown but oh so important exergy efficiency. Judging the match are the three little pigs of combustion, customization and complexity. Before your eyes you will see how two “energy” rights make an “exergy” wrong and why the porkers must die. This is THE epic irony of the 21st century; a contest laced with unintended consequences conflicting with the very philosophies of sustainability and earth stewardship. You’ll want front row seats for this match up.
Learning Objectives:
Recognize the flaws in conservation of energy as the exclusives solution to sustainability
Describe why matching energy demands with energy sources must include an evaluation of temperatures
Explain why low grade non industrial energy from renewables is ideally matched to non-industrial applications such as space heating and cooling

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