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WPC 2016

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September 15 - September 16, 2016
1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

The conference will open discussion on plumbing’s critical and essential role in providing a healthy and safe environment for the people of the world. It will also address the plumbing role in ensuring, through regulation, that the four pillars in which plumbing operates, namely, ENERGY, SANITATION, ENVIRONMENT and WATER, are never compromised on the altar of greed and non-compliance.

Each country has its own set of regulations as does each local authority in terms of by-laws that suit the environment but WPC 2016 believes that with an understanding of regulations that are referred to using international standards as a start, will ensure a firm basis for regulations in any application and in any country.

The fact that the world plumbing industry will discuss this through a variety of keynote addresses and breakaway session means that all governments, local, provincial and national, NGO’s, official bodies, governmental organizations, training colleges, property owners, architects, quantity surveyors, engineers plumbing system designers and plumbers will have a universal base from which to operate from.

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