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Flaker ice machine for supermarket meat and fish displays.
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Ice Machine Basics

February 1, 2015 Mark Masterson

There are many choices of commercial ice machines on the market today. While you might think that the technology for making ice has changed little over the years, this is actually not the case. Technology has advanced and so have

Figure 1 Heat loss/heat gain process and factors
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Heat loss/heat gain considerations

February 1, 2015 Robert Bean

When I joined ASHRAE in 1990, I did not imagine that 25 years later HVAC equipment would be selected and installed in the absence of a heat loss and gain calculation. It is like bad reruns on late night television;

A heating coil in each air handler unit is supplied by a hot water circuit that is regulated by its own PICV.
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Exploring the agricultural market

February 1, 2015 Bill Boss

Biofuel heating system raises profits for organic poultry farmer.

Figure 1 150-ton cooling system
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Technology pumps out savings

February 1, 2015 Mike Miller

Variable speed pumping has brought new levels of energy efficiency to the HVAC industry. While many larger buildings utilize system pumps operating on variable frequency drives (VFDs) with the guidance of pressure differential sensors, pumps that do not require external

Figure 1 Un-insulated, un-ducted, flashed return air plenum under a radiant floor equals bad, bad practice.
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Ghost-Busting Heat Transfer In Return Air Plenums

December 1, 2014 ROBERT BEAN

Common sense, a bit of heat transfer knowledge and strict adherence to specifications go a long way to improving the air/hydronic dynamic.

Figure 1 Compressor motor failure with suction reed lodged in stator.
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In Defence Of Compressors

December 1, 2014 DAVE DEMMA

Steps to getting at the root cause of compressor failures.

Figure 1 Vapour pressure of water
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Long Name… Nice Concept…

December 1, 2014 JOHN SIEGENTHALER

Use the conditions created by piping, together with circulator characteristics to prevent cavitation.

Take the time to calculate the allowable burial depth for your PVC pipe.
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Why PVC Pipes Sometimes Fail And How To Prevent It

December 1, 2014 BRANDON PEACH

Over the years, flexible PVC pipes have become more stable and reliable, achieving a rather low failure rate. However, there are still several ways they can be misused, with the user or installer typically to blame. Here are some do’s

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System Performance Boils Down To Location, Location, Location

December 1, 2014 MIKE MILLER

Points to be mindful of when installing and troubleshooting snow melt control.

Front of a typical boiler with the burner and controls installed.
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Safety, Savings and Sustainability

December 1, 2014 RON AUVIL

Simple test offers several benefits.

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Minimize The Risk Of Legionella In Building Plumbing Supply Systems

December 1, 2014 DEREK BOWER

In the plumbing industry in the North America, there is an increasing focus on water quality and waterborne pathogens. For public water systems, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates 88 different contaminants, including microbial contaminants, disinfection by-products, organic and inorganic

The vehicle's Adaptive ESP electronic stability program uses Brake Assist on the windward wheels.

Big Van Gets Boost In Worksite Prowess

December 1, 2014 bill roebuck

Major new features revealed at a press event showcasing the capability of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

The NHL has compiled a detailed analysis of its carbon footprint.
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Mechanical Industry Plays Starring Role In NHL’s Goals

December 1, 2014 PATRICK CALLAN

The National Hockey League (NHL) released its 2014 NHL Sustainability Report this past summer and with it became the first professional sport in North America to compile a detailed analysis of its carbon footprint. The report looked at the operations

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Take A List – Check It Twice

October 1, 2014 by hpac

Step-by-step annual servicing of gas appliances.

Figure 1 Preventive piping: flue gas condensation
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Pellets To PEX


Combi-systems supplied by modern pellet-fueled boilers.

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Be Aware Of Potential Risks

October 1, 2014 MICHAEL GLASCO

Just how much of a threat is asbestos to mechanical contractors?

Student volunteers (l-r) Kyle Parrell, Miya Janes-Green, Ryan Monahan and Mark Fagan get ready to work on the laundry shed.
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News Feature: From The Rock To New Orleans

October 1, 2014 PATRICK CALLAN

Trades students help rebuild hurricane-ravaged communities.

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Anatomy of a single-zone system

October 1, 2014 by hpac

When John Raftis, owner of Ivan Armstrong Trucking in Arthus, ON moved forward with a 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse expansion, he decided to go with an in-floor heating system. Raftis wanted a simple system for the insulated steel frame structure,

Jim Flowers (r) and Marc Gendron, 2013-2014 chairman, share a moment on stage during the Chairs' Banquet. Flowers, who is with Linde Canada, is HRAI's 2014-2015 chairman. He has served on the HRAI Board since 2012 as a representative of the manufacturer's division and as chairman of that division since 2012.

Refrigerants, Controls Top Of Mind At AGM

October 1, 2014 KERRY TURNER

The Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) held its 46th Annual General Meeting and Conference in Montreal, QC, from August 20-23. HRAI, which is in the final year of implementing its three-year strategic plan, opened the conference

Figure 1  Storm characteristics and load sensitivity
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Snow Melt System Performance

October 1, 2014 ROBERT BEAN

Understand the influence of sensitivity and storm characteristics.

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An update on the Industry Canada benchmarking tool

October 1, 2014 HANK BULMASH

Why do some businesses thrive while others, the majority, just manage to exist? That is a big question and it is something that business owners should think about a great deal. Not surprisingly, it is a major focus of business

The first requirement for the design of plumbing systems within a correctional facility, no matter what type, is the need to ensure that systems are heavy duty and robust enough to withstand a lot of abuse.
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Prison-Proof Design

October 1, 2014 ROD YEOH

Correctional facilities bring a unique set of challenges.

It is imperative that the person who is performing the refrigerant leak check do a thorough job.
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The Art Of Leak Detection

October 1, 2014 DAVE DEMMA

The key to success is to institute programs that require regular checks.

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You Hold The Power

October 1, 2014 STEVE GOLDIE

Cross connection control specialists are a hot commodity.

Figure 1
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Making Sense Of The Numbers


Boiler ratings: how to read them and what they mean to you.

Distribution pipes being installed at the Sleeman Centre in Guelph, ON.
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District Energy Heats Up Across Canada

October 1, 2014 PATRICK CALLAN

A lesser-known method of communal heating and cooling, which traces its roots to ancient Rome, is picking up steam throughout Canada. In a district energy network, hot and cold water travels in a closed loop from a generating station through

Figure 1 Refrigerants with glide (zeotropic) have differing temperatures at evaporator entrance and exit points. Mid-point is an average of the two.
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Improve Efficiencies With Careful Compressor Selection


How to match a commercial refrigeration system with design conditions.

Figure 1 Hydronic circuit
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A Relationship With Benefits


How flow affects heat output and deltaT.

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Energy & Power


The terms are different but related

Figure 1 Fan coils for condensing boilers. Larger coil with greater HX surface area.
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Ramping Up System Performance

August 2, 2014 MARK NORRIS

How do you determine the efficiency of the heating system that you are recommending to a customer? It is an important question that comes up regularly, but there is no simple answer. The simple answer would be the published boiler