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Putting Good Design Into Practice

May 1, 2014 ROD YEOH

Even though it sounds like a system where the pipes are also holding up the building – which is never a good idea – structured plumbing is actually a term used to describe a domestic hot water system designed to

Compared to Ford's E-Series standard-size cargo vans, the 2015 Transit gets 25 per cent better fuel economy
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What’s new in cargo vans?

May 1, 2014 by hpac

Options now include office-like features in these high-roof and “old-style” vehicles.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado
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Game changers

May 1, 2014 BILL ROEBUCK

Fuel economy is the new mantra for new and upcoming full-size pickup trucks.

Stephen Carpenter P.Eng., LEED AP BD+C

Green building guru awarded the Order of Canada

March 1, 2014 PATRICK CALLAN

Stephen Carpenter, founder of Enermodal Engineering in Waterloo, ON – Canada’s largest green buildings consulting firm – has been awarded with the nation’s highest civilian honour: the Order of Canada. A founding father of green building in Canada, Carpenter was recognized

Figure 1 Steps to building a marketing plan
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Know Your Target


Marketing geothermal heat pump systems to residential customers

The push is on to harmonize codes and standards on both sides of the border
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Setting The Standard

March 1, 2014 PATRICK CALLAN

Plumbing industry leads harmonization charge

Figure 1
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The pressure is on

March 1, 2014 IAN MCTEER

I thought I would be piloting a flying car by now. At least that is what some of the science and technology magazines said when I was a kid (hint: I was a teenager the last time the Leafs won

Grey water from washroom sinks is collected and used to dilute the acid waste from laboratories.
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Water reuse: Trends, barriers, and the future

March 1, 2014 ROD YEOH

People are starting to realize that water is a precious resource and we have to treat it as such. In a city such as Vancouver, where I live, it can be easy to think that conserving water is an unneeded

Figure 1 A corroded vent connector pipe after one year of operation.
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Exposing myths and methods for protecting boilers against flue gas condensation

Figure 1 High-performance radiant heating panels combined with a ground source heat pump (GSHP) can provide more than 30 Btuh per square foot depending on your finished flooring.
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The path to near net-zero is underfoot

February 2, 2014 Steve Rohrbaugh

Homes use a significant amount of energy to operate. Depending upon the location, about 63 per cent of that energy may be consumed by space heating according to Natural Resources Canada. Given the continual escalation of greenhouse gas emissions, status

A number of factors help the designer and installer create a system that will be the most efficient.
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Embedded systems: A radiant concept

February 2, 2014 Mike Miller

Snow and ice melt basics.

Figure 1 The pump curve shows how the pump will perform with varying head or flow requirements.
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Troubleshooting Pump Performance

February 2, 2014 Larry Konopacz

Understanding information provided on pump curves by the manufacturer and taking some simple gauge readings are a great help for analyzing pumped system problems.

Figure 1 Piping Schematic
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Heat Pump Plus

February 2, 2014 John Siegenthaler

How to combine an air-to-water heat pump with a boiler (Part II).

Figure 1 Lean supply air at 55F @ 50 per cent rh delivered to space to control moisture conditions below dew point of radiant panels. Shown is minimum floor surface temperature of 66F (19C) based on ANSI/ASHRAE 55.
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Why And How To Do Radiant Cooling

February 2, 2014 Robert Bean

“Have you ever considered that most naysayers of hybrid radiant-based HVAC systems say the problem is that you need two systems, one for comfort and one for ventilation; and yet many ventilation experts agree that independent ventilation systems are preferred – go figure.”

CMPX 2014 opens on March 19 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
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Maximize your visit to CMPX 2014

February 1, 2014 by hpac

Sessions, exhibits, van contest and Tool Take-away – the program is jammed for this mechanicals show.

Valleyview Shell Super Station in northern Alberta a winner in 2013 Cintas' Canada's Best Restroom Contest.
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Restroom superstars

February 1, 2014 by hpac

Known for its spotless reputation, eco-friendly design, and geothermal heating and cooling technologies, the Valleyview Shell Super Station in northern Alberta has won Cintas’ Canada’s Best Restroom Contest in 2013. The 8350-ft.2 convenience store serves between 2000 to 2500 customers

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High-performance commercial restroom fixtures

February 1, 2014 Kris Alderson

Next-generation technologies address demands of building management, front-line plumbing staff and end-users.

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Pay Now Or Pay Later

February 1, 2014 by hpac

Pension reform presents a dilemma with serious political and social ramifications.

Figure 1 Views of the world of construction.
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Strategy Matters

February 1, 2014 Robert Bean

Our view of construction stands in the way of good buildings.

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Ontario, Quebec hit hardest by prolonged propane shortages

February 1, 2014 Patrick Callan

News Feature

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Perplexed by PEX scenario

February 1, 2014 Kerry Turner

I sometimes get asked how I come up with ideas for this column. Editors in all markets approach their editorials in different ways. When it comes to determining subject matter, I generally avoid walking you through the issue’s content. It

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For Better Or For Worse…R-22 RIP

February 1, 2014 DAVE DEMMA

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for…the nuts and bolts of refrigerant conversion. (Part III – the finale).

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Fleet Tracking: A Boost To Mobile Intelligence

December 1, 2013 RYAN DRISCOLL

Global Positioning System (GPS) fleet tracking is the technology that allows business owners and fleet managers to use location intelligence to improve fleet operations. It is designed to make businesses with mobile assets more effective and efficient, while cutting costs


A Gift Worth Giving

December 1, 2013 KERRY TURNER


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Harnessing the Power of the Internet

December 1, 2013 BRAD EDWARDS

Three ways to help build your business online

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Worth A Closer Look

December 1, 2013 PATRICK CALLAN

Are there opportunities for mechanical contractors in home inspection?

Figure 1
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Glancing Blow

December 1, 2013 JOHN SIEGENTHALER

Working with the incident angle modifier.

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Beating Growth Gridlock

December 1, 2013 HANK BULMASH

Understanding what your business can and cannot do.

Figure 1 Single-Wall Serpentine
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Radiant Loop Layout Patterns

December 1, 2013 MIKE MILLER

A review of radiant loop layout patterns with their differences, as they best represent the heat distribution into spaces with different heat loss characteristics.

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Building Blocks

December 1, 2013 PATRICK CALLAN

Hydronics supplier joins effort to educate children in developing nations.