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The 4 Rs of selling in a competitive market

October 26, 2016 Mark Evans

What is the right path to success in business? There are many answers to this question and for every answer opinions abound as to which one is right. Everyone would agree that finding success is one thing, keeping it is

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It is time HVAC system design grew up

October 25, 2016 Robert Bean

Recently Wilma Leung, my new favourite sage, and her progressive team from BC Housing-Homeowner Protection Office hosted 340 builders and affiliated service providers from British Columbia to participate in my class on thermal comfort for vulnerable populations. The program included

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Proactive approach sets tone for HRAI’s 48th annual conference

October 21, 2016 Kerry Turner

The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute (HRAI) held its annual conference August 24 to 26 at the Hyatt Regency in Calgary, AB. Themed Making Every Connection Matter, the event opened with a Year in Review presentation. While reviewing material

water conservation,Gustafson
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Saving big with little changes

October 21, 2016 Jon Gustafson

Professionals looking to boost water conservation often set their sights on the biggest — and often most expensive — water-using equipment in a facility. But while big-ticket items are an important part of overall conservation, there is a lot to

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Trade show features full conference program, including hydronics

October 21, 2016 by Kerry Turner

In addition to 30,000 square feet of exhibits, CIPHEX West trade show will also feature a full conference program, new product showcase, the Canadian Hydronics Conference and the new Executive Summit. Held at the Vancouver Convention Centre, CIPHEX West is

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Solar thermal runs hot and cold

October 17, 2016 Robert Waters

Having been involved with the solar water heating (SWH) industry since the early 1980s, I can tell you that it has faced many challenges. A look at its history in Canada reveals that SWH has been on a roller coaster

pellet boiler,John Siegenthaler
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Making the switch from oil-fired to a pellet-fired boiler

September 8, 2016 John Siegenthaler

During the last two years I have been reviewing submittals for proposed heating systems using pellet-fired boilers. They come from heating professionals ranging from installers to professional engineers. These submittals are required to participate in a state incentive program that

radiant,radiant energy,radiant heating,Robert Bean
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The continuum of radiant myths

September 6, 2016 Robert Bean

Back in 2004 I penned an article called Radiant Mythology: 22 Myths about Radiant Heating. In the years since the first copyright of the article on www.healthyheating.com, that article has brought me the immense pleasure of watching tightly-wound individuals implode

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Trends that mean good news for the hydronic industry

August 31, 2016 Steve Goldie

When I sat down to write this article, my intention was to take a look at some of the most common issues in residential hydronic installations and examine the remedies. In the interest of not being repetitive I did a

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport
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Active floors hit the mark at Winnipeg airport

August 28, 2016 Russell Lavitt

How to heat and cool a very large, nearly all-glass building, while hiding the sources of warmth and cooling. As a significant public building, the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport has large expanses of heated and cooled floors as

glycol levels
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How to match glycol levels to various HVAC systems

August 24, 2016 Rob Waters

Glycol is a mystery fluid to many in the HVAC industry, but it is an essential tool for designing many different types of HVAC systems. In Canada, where glycol is essential to protect HVAC systems from freezing, most contractors have

hydronic system
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Twelve comparisons between hydronics and VRF/VRV systems

August 23, 2016 John Siegenthaler

Hydronics technology has long been known for unsurpassed heating comfort. It has also been used for cooling, primarily through chilled water distribution systems in commercial and institutional buildings. This well-established and highly successful track record is, in part, based on

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Control logic for fluid temperature control

August 22, 2016 Mike Miller

We come across so many different types of terminology in our industry that not everyone is fully aware of their meanings. The following is some of the most basic control logic terminology with a short explanation of what each means

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Current technologies are available to modulate system or compressor capacity

August 19, 2016 Dave Demma

It is morning again. You get ready for the day and make your way out to the garage where your car is waiting for the morning’s commute to work. You start the engine, make sure your radio is tuned to

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Is electric the only way to go?

August 18, 2016 Ian McTeer

Live Better Electrically was a popular theme promoted by electric utilities around North America in the late 1950s and early 1960s. A Gold Medallion Five Star home would have nothing but electric appliances: stove, washer and clothes dryer. To qualify

thermal storage
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The value of ice-based energy storage in today’s built environment

June 10, 2016 Mark MacCracken

  Energy storage is all around us, from the phone in your pocket to the vehicle on the street. Some forms of energy storage are suitable for the built environment but it is important to understand that energy should be

radiant cooling
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Radiative cooling

May 13, 2016 Robert Bean

Virtually everyone understands how the earth is heated during the day with radiant energy, but few give much thought to radiative cooling, night or daytime. In part it is earth to sky radiation that causes outdoor water to freeze or

air conditioning
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HVAC in the 21st Century

May 13, 2016 Ian McTeer

With the prime HVAC sales season starting in earnest now, it is important to remember that air conditioning contractors must be committed to providing the best possible comfort along with the most efficient cooling systems. But here is the thing:

control valves
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About motorized control valves

May 12, 2016 MIKE MILLER

Today the use of motorized control valves in large and small hydronic heating and cooling systems is very common. As a primer on their function and use, this article will explore available valve options, types of actuators and application examples

kitchen design
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Everything including kitchen sinks and faucets

May 12, 2016 by HPAC Magazine

Out with the ornate and in with the industrial, or at least this holds true when it comes to modern trends in kitchen design. Exposed wooden beams, exposed brick and exposed pipes are in – a tribute to the 19th

modified vapour compression refrigeration system
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Low ambient air-to-water heat pumps


Electrically powered heat pumps, in many varieties, are destined to play an increasingly important role in heating and cooling buildings around the world. They convert vast amounts of otherwise unusable low temperature heat into heat at sufficient temperatures to warm

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CO2 gets a second life-Part II

May 11, 2016 Dave Demma

The current market drivers that have given CO2, which was a relatively forgotten refrigerant for decades, a second life were discussed in HPAC March 2016. As a review, those drivers are: environmental properties (GWP and ODP); energy efficiency; safety (flammability

service vehicles
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Fresh faces, along with mechanical and design tweaks, are hallmarks of the 2016 service vehicle offering

May 11, 2016 JIL MCINTOSH

Fierce competition in the auto industry is always great news for buyers. Segments that were previously modernized infrequently, such as service vehicles, are now updated far more often in response to customer needs. Most of the 2016 vehicles underwent minor

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum
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Helping apprentices cross the finish line

May 11, 2016 by HPAC Magazine

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum’s (CAF), Ontario roundtable entitled Achieving Certification: Helping Apprentices Cross the Finish Line, attracted attendees from across the country to discuss statistics, stigmas and opportunities for trades apprentices on February 26 in Toronto, ON. The chair of

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Hot Water Made To Order

May 11, 2016 ROB WATERS

At one time, selecting a water heater was a fairly simple process. There were not a lot of options to choose from; you got a tank type water heater, which was either gas or oil fired, or electric. The water

Long-term candle burning (especially paraffin candles with poorly maintained wicks) puts soot throughout the building, damaging HVAC equipment, furnishings and, ultimately, the health of building inhabitants.  In an eco-tight Passivhaus building it could have disastrous ramifications.

The tighter building conundrum

March 1, 2016 Ian McTeer

Should our industry be promising quality indoor air?

Figure 1 Ion exchange process used for demineralization.

Healthy circulation

March 1, 2016 John Siegenthaler

It is time to get serious about water quality in every hydronic system.

Figure I Direct return piping system

Options for multiple boiler plants

March 1, 2016 Mike Miller

Make your best choice-understand the pros and cons of common designs.

HGIs are generally installed inside the facility they serve, however the market is recognizing the application of extended capacity HGI products (up to 100 gpm) that will more commonly be installed outside the building.

Grease lightning: Have pride in that ride

March 1, 2016 Andrew Bird

Are you up to speed on grease management?

internet of things, Information Technology Association

The Internet of What?

March 1, 2016 HPAC staff

Beyond the jargon; there is an opportunity for mechanical professionals who embrace IoT.