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Figure 1 Preliminary adoption of the NPC of Canada 2015 (courtesy of the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating).
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INOX-a four-letter word for change

March 1, 2016 Mark Evans

The stainless steel option and its influence on the design and installation of potable water systems.

Article Management

What will the impact of tax changes be on business?

March 1, 2016 Hank Bulmash

A dozen factors influencing taxation in the coming years.

Conventional cooling, active desicant dehumidification system delivers and controls low dew point while minimizing regeneration energy input. The AHR Innovation Award-winning unit delivers supply air humidity levels as low as 15 grains.

Meeting the challenge of Standard compliance and energy cost reduction

March 1, 2016 by hpac

Outdoor air ventilation seen as a means to curb incidents of hospital acquired infection (HAI).


Do the Math, Trust the Math

March 1, 2016 Steve Goldie

What is the down side of oversizing equipment?

Figure 1 Comparative GWPs of common refrigerants

CO2 gets a second life

March 1, 2016 Dave Demma

Whatever the refrigerant, we are still applying the same basic principles.

ASHRAE president and fellow Canadian, David Underwood celebrated the publication of the new ASHRAE Cold Climate Design Guide (available from the ASHRAE Bookstore) with a good old fashioned curling match, from left to right, Bert Phillips, Underwood, David Lima and Doug Cochrane. Committee member and ASHRAE director at large Erich Binder took the photo.

The Magic Kingdom of HVAC/R: ASHRAE Orlando 2016

March 1, 2016 by hpac

I was in Orlando for the seven day ASHRAE Winter Conference held in parallel with the three day AHR Expo. It was neither sunny nor warm and lived up to its winter billing. For readers who have not been, the


A look at the bottom line

March 1, 2016 Mark Groulx

What kind of business has the best sales appeal?

Figure 1

What’s new in air handlers

February 1, 2016 Ian McTeer

The AHU has undergone many changes since gravity warm air furnaces were the norm.

Figure 1 Flow moving along inside of tube

Is the water moving too fast?

February 1, 2016 John Siegenthaler

New perspectives on a long-standing question.

Figure 1 The pump curve shows how the pump will perform with varying head or flow requirements.  Courtesy Bell & Gossett

Getting it right

February 1, 2016 Steve Goldie

Sizing a pump is a relatively easy exercise.

Figure 1 CO2 in stores all over the world

Keeping up the dialogue

February 1, 2016 Luc Boily

Industry stakeholders take advantage of an opportunity to hear from industry experts.


Mixing hydronic heating water with potable water

February 1, 2016 Lance MacNevin

Designers and installers must be aware of potential issues when considering heat sources.

Figure 1 Indirect health effects of RH

The logic of moisture management

February 1, 2016 Robert Bean

Condensation is not the dark side of chilled water and radiant cooling systems.

Totalling $45-million, Phase 1B was the first of three planned revitalization projects undertaken by the Vancouver Aquarium. Photo Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre

Excellent showing for mechanical industry at construction awards

February 1, 2016 by hpac

Alpha Mechanical Contracting Ltd. and Dual Mechanical were honoured for their work on the Vancouver Aquarium and at Seabreeze Farm, respectively, in the Vancouver Regional Construction Association’s 27th annual Awards of Excellence last fall. Eleven winners were selected from 128

Hydraulic separation physically decouples the generation equipment from the building system.

Replacing boilers in existing buildings

February 1, 2016 Mike Miller

Boiler replacement is sometimes viewed as an easy task, but it can be challenging if it is done right.

Figure 1

Chasing leaks

February 1, 2016 Tracy Ryan Jastrow

Thermography and its role in solving plumbing-related moisture problems.

The vortex degasser installation at the Multiplex.

Yellowknife takes steps to reduce its environmental footprint

February 1, 2016 Beth McKay

The city’s Multiplex has undergone a technological upgrade to save energy.

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What is in your toolbox?

December 1, 2015 Dave Demma

When I worked as a technician I wanted to have every possible tool I would ever need to complete any job I was faced with in my possession (meaning in my service van), including the 2 a.m. emergency calls. While

Article HVAC Systems

Where’s The Heat?

December 1, 2015 IAN MCTEER

Lower cost thermal imaging cameras and their role in the HVAC industry.

Article Plumbing

How to resolve water line noise

December 1, 2015 STEVE GOLDIE

A look at the causes, the potential risks and the ultimate cure for things that go bump in the night.

Article Plumbing

Water conservation in commercial apps

December 1, 2015 AMIN DELAGAH

The hot-water-conserving equipment and fixtures in a commercial kitchen are pivotal to an optimized hot water system.

Article Engineering

The Essential Ingredients

December 1, 2015 ROBERT BEAN

I am smiling as I write this article because I think we might actually be making progress in the world of kitchen exhaust and make-up air systems. Let me explain. While en route to a recent project meeting I was

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Understanding, measuring and interpreting results

December 1, 2015 FRANK HEALY

From minor control trips to compressor and transformer failures, harmonics can impact every type of HVAC equipment.

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Historic home gets federally-funded HVAC reno

December 1, 2015 BETH MCKAY

Retrofitting the first prime minister’s 19th century home has its challenges.

Article Hydronics

Getting the silent treatment

December 1, 2015 MIKE MILLER

Identifying and fixing the primary culprits behind a noisy hydronic system.

Article Plumbing

Making the most of a small space

December 1, 2015 BETH MCKAY

Manufacturers step up with products that work in pint-sized loos.

During outdoor inspection, check the gas pressure regulator vent. It should be behind the meter and clear of obstructions.
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Déjà vu, all over again

October 1, 2015 Ian McTeer

HVAC contractors in Canada know very well that the bulk of their time is spent preparing for, or dealing with winter. One of the most important requirements for any heating system is maintenance. Every device, and the distribution system it

Make your requirements known within plans and specifications if you want to avoid the pitfalls of deeper tubing.
Article Hydronics

Tubing depth matters!

October 1, 2015 John Siegenthaler

It is time to find better ways of ensuring that tubing and reinforcing mesh end up near the mid-height of the slab.

Article HVAC Systems

In a field of its own

October 1, 2015 Robert Bean

Standard practice for evaluating residential indoor air quality concerns.

Figure 1
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What Is going on in the world of Supermarket Refrigeration?

October 1, 2015 Dave Demma

It comes as no surprise to anyone that supermarkets are under pressure to embrace green. As applied to the refrigeration portion of a supermarket this translates into: reduce carbon footprint, lower Global Warming Potential (GWP), reduce refrigerant charge, reduce electrical