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CIPH awards Toronto brewery for water conservation

May 15, 2018 | By Jillian Morgan

Steam Whistle CIPH water conservation award

(Left to right) Matt Wiesenfeld, program manager at CIPH, Tim McLaughlin, director of marketing at Steam Whistle and Stephanie Steiner, director of sales at Dahl Valves.

Toronto, ON-based brewery Steam Whistle has been awarded the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) National Water Wise Award, which recognizes a commitment to water conservation and purification.

Steam Whistle recently launched a program to conserve water through the installation of water-saving equipment, including a bottle washer, keg filling line, and showerheads on the packaging line.

Beyond water, the brewery’s environmental efforts also include:

  • Green packaging
  • Use of Bullfrog power
  • Bio Diesel fuels in delivery trucks
  • Tapping into Enwave’s Deep Water Cooling for temperature control
  • Energy efficient equipment and lighting
  • Waste diversion

While spring water is used to brew the beer, Steam Whistle uses municipal tap water to wash bottles, cans, kegs, tanks and floors of the packaging line, as well as for water in the office, administration and hospitality areas.

“We’ve examined every aspect of our business to minimize our environmental impacts,” said Cam Heaps, CEO of Steam Whistle. “We’re also working with water quality experts to improve the purity of our wastewater from operations.” www.ciph.ca  www.steamwhistle.ca



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