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Valeco inaugurates its first cogeneration plant in Canada

November 26, 2017 | By HPAC Magazine

Fifty members of the Association québécoise du gaz naturel (AQGN) gathered on November 14, at the “new” Montreal Biomont Plant (launched last October 16th). The plant was recently bought and revamped ($20M investment) by Valeco, a French Renewable Energy Producer. The plant recovers the biomethane gas emanating from the former landfill site near by. Photo Luc Boily

The Biomont Energie cogeneration plant is located near the limits of the Frederick-Back Park, inside the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex in Montreal, QC. This site is well suited for the recovery of biomethane gas emanating from a former landfill that was covered in 2014. The gas is transformed into electrical power (4.8 MWs), which is being sold to Hydro-Quebec, while at the same time providing heating (5.2 thermal MWs) to the nearby Tohu and Cirque du Soleil facilities.

The Biomont project plays an important role in the rehabilitation plan of the neighbourhood. Frederick-Back Park, whose first section has just been completed, covers the old Miron quarry. The quarry was transformed into a landfill site in 1968 and has been closed to putrescible waste since 2000.

Biomont Energie will also contribute to the energy transition initiated by the government of Quebec. Two of the target goals of Quebec’s policy are: increasing bio-energy production by 50 per cent and renewable energy production by 25 per cent by 2030.

Biomont is a consortium of Valeco, Eolectric and Fondaction, with the financial partnership of IAM Private Debt.



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