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Cannabis bill passes in senate, provinces prepare for legalization in October

June 25, 2018 | By Jillian Morgan

The federal government’s bill to legalize recreational cannabis has received the green light from senators. Come October 17, 2018, the drug will be legal to purchase and consume.

The third reading of Bill C-45, tabled April 2017, passed by a vote of 52 to 29 on June 19, 2018, with two abstentions. Senate approval comes two years after the federal government launched its Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation.

Recreational cannabis was expected to be legal and available for purchase July 1, 2018, but that deadline was pushed back following additional review and amendments by the senate, with significant opposition from Conservative senators.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced at a press conference in Ottawa, ON that the extension allows for a “smooth and orderly” implementation of the law across all provinces. Until the act comes into force, recreational cannabis will remain illegal. www.canada.ca

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