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FortisBC launching residential gas heat pump pilot project in B.C.

May 26, 2022 | By HPAC Magazine

Partnering with Thermolift and Stone Mountain Technologies, 20 residential homes across the Lower Mainland and Southern Interior will be installing the first units of their kind in B.C.

FortisBC Energy is installing gas-fueled heat pumps in 20 residential homes across the Lower Mainland and Southern Interior–the first units of their kind to be installed in B.C. as part of a FortisBC pilot program.

FortisBC is field testing two different types of residential gas heat pump units working with two manufacturers, ThermoLift Inc. and Stone Mountain Technologies Inc.

ThermoLift is currently testing its pre-production indoor units in homes across Canada and the U.S. In lab settings, these units achieved efficiencies of more than 100%.

SMTI’s Anesi-brand units are a certified gas heat pump system, expecting to be commercialized in 2023, which have already shown promising results in northern regions of the U.S., but this is the first time they will be tested in B.C.

Both types of gas heat pumps are rated to perform effectively in colder climates.

As part of FortisBC’s pilot program, the 20 homes that have been selected will have either a ThermoLift or SMTI gas heat pump installed–the first two units were installed in May, with the remaining units being installed throughout the rest of the year.

Once installed, FortisBC will work with a third-party consultant who will measure the performance and efficiencies of space and water heating of the units for a year.

Based on the results, the team will determine if these units meet the specific criteria to design and launch a full-scale energy-efficiency rebate program.




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