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NRCan focuses on space heating and cold climate heat pump adoption

May 2, 2018 | By Jillian Morgan

HRAI Pan canadian framework cold climate heat pump adoption

NrCAN will develop a model national building energy code by 2020 to aid provincial and territorial adoption. It will also set out energy performance requirements for existing buildings and steps to achieve net-zero energy for new buildings by 2030.

Amendments to Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations will roll out across product categories starting in 2019 as part of the Pan-Canadian Framework.

Debbie Scharf, director of NRCan’s equipment division, led a two-part talk on the framework at a recent HRAI manufacturers division symposium in Toronto, ON.

Other symposium topics included flammable refrigerants, HFCs, GreenON rebates, heat pump retrofits and Europe’s DecarbHeat Initiative.

Space heating and cold climate heat pump adoption aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Canada’s residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

The department has identified barriers in this market transformation. It plans to submit a space and water heating roadmap to energy ministers in summer 2018.

To view affected product categories under Amendments 14, 15 and 16 visit www.nrcan.gc.ca/energy/regulations-codes-standards/18318.

Philippe Chemouny, manager of the Montreal Protocol at Environment and Climate Change Canada, discussed the phase-down of HFCs at the symposium.

HRAI Pan canadian framework cold climate heat pump adoption

Four sectors are targeted under product-specific controls: refrigeration and air conditioning systems, mobile air conditioning systems and foam and aerosol products.

Amendments to federal ozone-depleting substances and halocarbon alternatives came into force April 18, 2018.

As part of the regulations, product-specific controls will be established with regards to the import and manufacturer of products/systems that contain HFCs.

In 2019, importers of bulk HFCs will be issued individual annual consumption allowances, which authorize the HFC import.

Evelyn Lundhild, senior manager at Independent Electricity System Operator provided an update on GreenON rebates.

Contractors under the Save on Energy Heating and Cooling Incentive are required to sign the GreenON rebates contract. For air source heat pumps installed in electrically heated homes, there is one program.

GreenON rebates program includes homes with oil or propane heating. There is only one air source or ground source heat pump rebate per home. Rebates for air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps are for existing detached, semi-detached and row townhomes. New custom homes are also eligible. www.hrai.ca



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