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A significant win for oil heat

March 10, 2015 | By HPAC Magazine

The Canadian Oil Heat Association (COHA) reports that the Government of Canada has concluded from a recent assessment released February 21, 2015 that: Fuel Oil #2 is NOT harmful to human health at current levels of exposure. “While this may be common knowledge within the industry, this report provides third party validation to our claims,” said COHA president Stephen Koch.
This report can be located on the Health Canada web site under the CAS registry number 68476-30-2. Since the release of the report, Health Canada has forwarded it to Environment Canada (EC) for research into risk of release into the environment that may impact soil and/or water. EC has initiated a report on risk reduction and COHA has been in contact with them regarding its own advisory council and expects to meet with EC soon.



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