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Alberta issues changes to gas code regs in effect now

January 12, 2016 | By Doug Picklyk

New gas code regulations came into effect on January 1, 2016 under Alberta’s Safety Codes Act. The new regulations include CSA-B149.1-15 – Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code. This code provides the minimum requirements for the installation of natural gas and propane appliances and equipment downstream of a natural gas meter or from a propane distributor’s tank. CSA-B149.2-15 – Propane Storage and Handling Code. This code provides the minimum requirements for the storage, handling, transportation and transfer of propane. CSA-B149.3-15 – Code for the field approval of fuel-related components on appliances and equipment. This code applies to the requirements for site-specific fuel burning appliances and equipment for where there is no recognized Canadian standard.

Other code changes include: CSA-B149.5-15 – Installation Code for Propane Fuel Systems and Tanks on Highway Vehicles; CSA-B108-14– NGV Refuelling Stations Installation Code; and CSA-B109- 14 – Natural Gas for Vehicles Installation Code.



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