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Amendments to SaskPower Gas Inspection Regulations

By Doug Picklyk   

HPAC General

Effective December 11, 2015, Saskatchewan Cabinet approved two amendments to the Gas Inspection Regulations. The maximum penalty that may be imposed for performing gas installation work without a permit (section 13.1) increased from $250 to $2500 for each item of work performed without a permit.
SaskPower also adopted the following documents (section16(1)) as standards for the installation of equipment under specific circumstances. The additions include: CSA-B149.1-15: Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code; CSA-B149.2-15: Propane Storage and Handling Code; CSA-149.6-15: Code for Biogas Generation and Utilization; CSA-B108-14: Compressed Natural Gas Fuelling Stations Installation Code; CSA-B149.3-15: Code for the Field Approval of Fuel-Related Com-ponents on Appliances and Equipment; CAN/BNQ/1784-000/2007: Canadian Hydrogen Installation Code; and CSA-B149.5-15: Installation Code for Propane Fuel Systems and Containers on Motor Vehicles.
As previously announced in Bulletin 01-2015, the Saskatchewan adoption of the 2015 CSA B149.1, CSA B149.2 and CSA B149.3 gas codes will be enforced on permits dated on or after January 1, 2016.



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