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Election of manufacturers’ agent to chairman a first for CIPH

June 18, 2019 | By HPAC Magazine

Andrew Dyck, vice president of sales for Barclay Sales, has been elected as the 72nd chairman of CIPH

Allen Taylor (l) past chair passes the gavel to incoming chair Andrew Dyck. Photos Jillian Morgan

At the 87th Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH) held on June 18th in Charlottetown, Andrew Dyck, vice president of sales for Barclay Sales was electedas the 72nd chairman of CIPH.

Andrew Dyck began his career in 1987 in Inside Sales with Honeywell Limited. He then moved to ECR International in 2001 as a territory manager for BC and is currently vice president of sales with Barclay Sales.

2018-19 chairman Allen Taylor of Taylor Pipe Supports accepts a parting gift from CIPH for his contributions over the past year.

At the chairman’s banquet, held on the final night of the conference, Dyck said the role is a “great honour,” as well as a “great deal of work and responsibility and a major commitment.”

“Allen, on behalf of the board and the board and the membership, thank you for your great work this past year,” he continued. “Our hats are off to you for the spirit, dedication and leadership you showed as you helped to enhance the profile and influence of CIPH over the course of your term as chairman.”

Dyck joined the CIPH Board in 2011 and has been very active with the Manufacturers’ Agents Council and with the BC Region Board having served twice as Region President.


CIPH’s Manufacturers’ Agents Council meets regularly to review the activities and programs created or planned specifically to serve Agents in Canada including:

  • Collaboration opportunities with other Agent-based organizations such as the Manufacturers’ Representatives Education Research Foundation (MRERF) and the Association of Independent Manufacturer’s Agents (AIM/R)
  • Addressing Agent challenges – roundtable discussions on industry issues that are impacting Manufacturers’ Representatives
  • The Agents Rep Profile Survey: an excellent way to confidentially share information and get feedback on how Agents across Canada are performing
  • Generally representing the interests of Agents in their relationships with Manufacturers.

The Council also has liaisons serving on all 9 CIPH Region Board. The role of the Region Agent Liaison is to communicate the activities of the Agents Council to the Region and to identify any issues  of concern to Agents at the local level and relay these back to the Council for information and/or action.

Any Agent who represents lines on behalf of a CIPH manufacturer is strongly encouraged to take advantage of these powerful benefits. It is important not only for your own relationships, but also for the relationship with the manufacturers you represent.


CIPH’s Manufacturers’ Agents Council was formed in 1965 to address the needs of members who serve as Sales Representatives for CIPH Manufacturers and Master Distributors.




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