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Aquatherm North America celebrates new HQ

May 12, 2017 | By HPAC Magazine

Aquatherm North America, the U.S. and Canadian subsidiary of polypropylene-random (PP-R) pipe system manufacturer Aquatherm Worldwide, recently held a grand opening and open house to celebrate its new 82,000-sq.-ft. headquarters and fabrication facility in Lindon, UT.

The building features space for operations including office space for corporate staff, engineering and quality-assurance laboratories; warehouse space; and a design and fabrication facility. The warehouse will provide customers access to an inventory line of Aquatherm piping systems ranging from ½- to 24-in., the company said.

The new facility was built using a selection of Aquatherm piping systems (Aquatherm Blue Pipe and Aquatherm Green Pipe) as well as the newer Aquatherm Red Pipe and Aquatherm Black System piping systems, which are in the research and development stage.

·       Aquatherm Blue Pipe in ½- to 3-in. sizes is being used to convey heating hot and chilled water throughout the office area to the Aquatherm Black System radiant heating and cooling panels.

·        Aquatherm Green Pipe in ½- to 4-in. sizes is being used to convey potable water throughout the building. The pipe in ½- to 1-in. sizes also is being used for the compressed-air system in the production, lab, and testing areas.

·        Aquatherm Red Pipe in ½- to 3-in. sizes is being used for the fire sprinkler system in the office and training areas.

·        Aquatherm Black System radiant panels are being used to heat and cool the office and training areas of the building. Efficient radiant heating and cooling panels in 2-ft.-by-2-ft. sizes are being used for the entire ceiling as well as 14-in.-by-4-ft. and 14-in.-by-8-ft. sizes for many of the walls. Zone controls will help create the best thermal comfort available.

·        Aquatherm Lilac Pipe in 4- to 6-in. sizes also will be used for the roof drainage system.

Aquatherm’s new address is 825 West 600 North, Lindon, UT 84042.

The company was founded by Gerhard Rosenberg in Attendorn, Germany in 1973 and has expanded into more than 70 countries worldwide.

Aquatherm’s story in North America began in Canada. In 2003, Steve Clark, a mechanical engineer, was working on a Marriott hotel when a small amount of oil from the mechanical equipment caused CPVC pipe to fail throughout the building. Frustrated with available plastics and the corrosion problems affecting metal, Clark started investigating Aquatherm as an alternative. Aquatherm’s PP-R pipes and heat fusion connections presented themselves as an option, but were not available in Canada at the time.

In 2005, Clark closed up his engineering business and contracted with Aquatherm to begin distribution in Canada. After winning approvals from CSA, Clark set up distribution with EMCO. In 2009, Don Schneider, an EMCO employee who had been instrumental in launching Aquatherm, signed on to be the vice president of sales in Canada. In 2009, Aquatherm CA followed its U.S. partners in setting up sales representatives across the country, and added additional distribution, including Crane Supply. Canada had sales representatives in place before moving into the U.S.

Aquatherm CA has an office located in Airdrie, AB, with nine companies across Canada serving as manufacturer’s representatives.





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