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Sign of the times: Aquatherm rebrands to better reflect product applications

March 29, 2013 | By HPAC Magazine

Aquatherm has updated and unified its branding to “more effectively convey the modern, global, and market-leading image that the company embodies.” The announcement was made at the ISH Expo in Frankfurt, Germany, in March. Aquatherm, which is now celebrating its 40th anniversary, has established various product groups over the years. The systems were named as they emerged and the improvements made to them over time, therefore the company felt some descriptors did not accurately represent the suitable applications for the pipe. It cites Climatherm as an example. Developed as a pipe for air conditioning, it later qualified for many other areas and while the air conditioning sector remains important, Climatherm is frequently used for compressed air, chemical transport, and other applications. Aquatherm product lines will be named using a color-coded convention. This was originally tested in the U.S. market, when Aquatherm’s original piping product, Fusiotherm, as renamed to Aquatherm Greenpipe . With the new naming system Aquatherm Greenpipe will now become Aquatherm Green Pipe. Climatherm will be known as Aquatherm Blue Pipe. Aquatherm Lilac Pipe will retain its same name. The company’s radiant heating and cooling panels, known as Climasystem, have been rebranded to Aquatherm Black System, or Aquatherm Black for short. Aquatherm Black System is now available commercially in the U.S. market.



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