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ASHRAE introduces online portal for 90.1 energy standard

February 8, 2018 | By Jillian Morgan

ASHRAE 90.1 energy standard online portal

Intended for building professionals, the portal aims to provide up-to-date standard resources in a single location.

ASHRAE has released an online portal for the suite of resources related to its Standard 90.1: Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings.

The portal includes a multi-publication online tool that enables users to view each publication side by side or separately, as well as copy, paste, print or annotate content as needed.

Users can also view official ASHRAE Interpretations and access the Standard 90.1 user manual, which provides instruction for the design of commercial and high-rise residential buildings.

The manual also includes measurements and calculations in I-P and SI units, sample calculations, application examples, forms to demonstrate compliance and references to related resources and websites.

A redlined version of Standard 90.1 will show what changes were made from the previous edition.

“Bringing all 90.1-related resources together in one location will empower building professionals to focus more on delivering energy efficiency requirements,” said Drake Erbe, chair of ASHRAE’s Standard 90.1 committee. “Standard 90. 1 has proven to be an indispensable reference for engineers and other professionals involved in the design of buildings and building systems.” www.ashrae.org/901portal



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