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BC contractors reminded to include licence number on all advertising

August 30, 2023 | By HPAC Magazine

Technical Safety BC requires contractor licence number on all print materials by September 30th.

Last year, Technical Safety BC introduced a phased approach for the changes to regulation that require licensed contractors to publish their company name and Technical Safety BC licence number when advertising regulated services to the public.

This regulation applies to all licensed contractors in electrical, gas, elevating devices, and boilers, pressure vessels, and refrigeration.

The first phase launched this past January, which required contractors to add their licence number to all digital advertising.

And now, as of September 30, the second phase of the regulation will come into effect, which will require contractors to add their licence number to all print advertising that promotes regulated work, including business cards, invoices, contracts, stationery, and print ads, as well as other materials.

Phase 3, which covers assets such as vehicles and storefronts will need to be updated with Technical Safety BC licence numbers by January 1, 2024.




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