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Bitzer order system allows for product modification

February 22, 2018 | By Jillian Morgan

Bitzer water heat exchangers and pressure vessels

Bitzer’s adaptable water-cooled condenser.

German manufacturer Bitzer has launched a new order system for its heat exchangers and pressure vessels (HEXPV).

The system allows orders to be modified according to customer preference. Operators can decide whether to buy standard products or those tailored to specific requirements.

“With our HEXPV customisation project, we meet our customers’ need for flexible product solutions,” said Andrea Serena, product manager for heat exchangers and pressure vessels at Bitzer.

All horizontal liquid receivers and water-cooled condensers made by the company can be customised.

Up to five features of the product can be moved from a standard position to a new one within a range pre-defined by Bitzer, such as refrigerant inlet and outlet connections or welded support feet.

The alteration of certain component details, such as the position of the refrigerant connections, intends to allow the user to comply with specific dimension and functional constraints. www.bitzer.ca



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