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Built Green Canada Partners with the City of Edmonton for EnerGuide Rebates

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Built Green Canada and the City of Edmonton have partnered to offer a rebate for BUILT GREEN builders through the City’s “Spot the Difference” program. For a limited time, BUILT GREEN builders can earn a $200 rebate for each home they sign up to participate in the City’s “Spot the Difference” program.

The rebates will be available only until December 31, 2017; each builder can sign up a maximum of 10 homes.

“Spot the Difference” is a City of Edmonton program aimed to reduce home energy usage and raise awareness about greenhouse gas emissions. New and existing homes can sign up to receive an energy rating using the EnerGuide Rating System (ERS), through Natural Resources Canada. The rating, along with other details about the home, are then added to the Edmonton EnerGuide for Homes Map—a platform that features the EnerGuide label of select homes in Edmonton, the year the home was built, the address, and for new homes, the homebuilder.

The map is intended to help homeowners make more informed decisions about a purchase, while BUILT GREEN builders are recognized for their leadership in sustainable building practices, and their participation provides a platform to showcase their product.

BUILT GREEN builders are members of Built Green Canada, a national organization that delivers third-party certified programs to the residential building industry. This new rebate from the City of Edmonton encourages their participation and beyond the rebate, allows them to showcase their homes on the Spot the Difference platform.

Future homebuyers get a two-in-one: an EnerGuide label and a BUILT GREEN seal, offering validation of the green features integrated into the home.

Builders who are already participating in the Edmonton EnerGuide for Homes Map include Augusta Fine Homes, Cami Comfort Homes, De Waal Developments Ltd., Dolce Vita Homes, Habitat Studio, Homes by Avi, Landmark Homes, StreetSide Developments, Western Living Homes, Pacesetter Homes, and Brookfield Residential.

Built Green Canada is an industry-driven, national non-profit organization, headquartered in Edmonton that offers third-party sustainable building programs to the residential building sector, and since its inception, over 29,500 homes have been certified. Including the units in multi-storey projects, the total is over 32,775, represented in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Built Green Canada offers its programs across the country; however, in Ontario, the programs are referred to as “Green Seal.”



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