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Canadian Task Force for a Resilient Recovery urges building retrofits

July 22, 2020 | By HPAC Magazine

The task force made six recommendations requiring a $27.3B federal investment related to improving the efficiency of the country's building stock.

TaskAn independent panel of experts making up the Canadian Task Force for a Resilient Recovery have released a preliminary report that includes “5 Bold Moves for a Resilient Recovery”, the first of which is a proposed $27.3B federal investment in climate-resilient and energy-efficient buildings. The building retrofit package serves as the keystone of a proposed total $49.9B clean economic recovery package.

The task force made six recommendations related to improving the efficiency of the country’s building stock:

  1. Expand public-private financing facilities for building retrofits using a $13B public investment to leverage $35B in private capital through de-risking and co-investment strategies.
  2. Spend $10B on expanding existing provincial and municipal building retrofit programs.
  3. Invest $1.25B in workforce development for energy efficiency and climate resiliency.
  4. Use $2B to select diverse large-scale demonstration projects through a competitive process, and apply innovative techniques to significantly reduce the cost, time and customer disruption of deep energy retrofits.
  5. Introduce new national model building code incorporating net-zero and resiliency measures in the next year, while also providing incentives for provincial uptake; and invest $2 million to integrate a ‘ResiliGuide’ rating to measure the climate resilience of buildings.
  6. Create an Indigenous Infrastructure Fund (a rotating $1B-per-year non-lapsing fund) to bolster investment in sustainable infrastructure in Indigenous communities across Canada.

The other recommended “Bold Moves” include:

  • Jumpstart Canada’s production and adoption of zero-emission vehicles.
  • Go big on growing Canada’s clean energy sectors.
  • Invest in the nature that protects and sustains us.
  • Grow clean competitiveness and jobs across the Canadian economy.

This is the preliminary report from the Task Force, and a final report and supporting materials are expected to be released in September.
Task Force for a Resilient Recovery Preliminary Report



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