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Canadians not in Handy Manny’s league

May 15, 2012 | By HPAC Magazine

Shortage of skilled workers will be a bigger blow than expected

Skills/Compétences Canada has released the findings of a survey conducted by Harris/Decima, which has shown that beyond changing a light bulb or picking up a hammer to hang up a picture, many Canadians have little to no working knowledge of those everyday activities that require a skilled hand. The survey reveals that almost half of all Canadians are not able to complete basic skills including installing a faucet (good for us as long as the industry keeps turning out plumbers)  or replacing a zipper without some help. And as the joke goes (sad but true): about one in three Canadians said they were not sure how to install a light fixture (31 per cent).
“There’s a serious underlying message here that many Canadians are lacking basic, practical knowledge when it comes to completing everyday skills, admitting they require help,” said Shaun Thorson, CEO, Skills/Compétences Canada. “Industries that depend on skilled trade workers are key drivers of the Canadian economy contributing over 50 per cent of Canada’s GDP. But the growing shortage of skilled trade workers is not only a concern for industry – it is only a matter of time before every Canadian will feel the impact in their everyday lives.”

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