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CHC and CIPH Calling for Award Nominations

April 14, 2022 | By HPAC Magazine

The Canadian Hydronics Council Award of Merit and the CIPH Golden Leaf award are open for nominations.

hydronicsThe Canadian Hydronics Council (CHC) is calling for nominations for the Council’s prestigious Award of Merit, a national recognition award that was created in 2012 to honour individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the advancement of the hydronics industry in Canada. 

Nominations are open to any industry volunteer who has contributed to the hydronics industry in Canada for at least 10 years. Their contributions of time, knowledge and expertise must have improved the professional profile of the industry through education, training, public relations, technical achievements or the development of codes and standards.

The deadline for entries is Tuesday, April 26th. To get your hydronics hero recognized you are asked to fill out the nomination form here and email your submission to Geeta Persaud, program manager of the CHC. 

This is second year for the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) Golden Leaf Award, and voting is now open.

The Golden Leaf Award honours a CIPH manufacturer/master distributor member who best supports the efforts of sales agencies.

The award is presented to a CIPH manufacturer/master distributor member that exclusively utilizes manufacturers’ agents and has a proven track record based on the following:

  1. The company has worked cooperatively to develop and maintain a positive working relationship with manufacturers’ agents.
  2. The company promotes the industry and has a positive influence on the industry by providing quality products and quality assurance.
  3. The company establishes and maintains an efficient information network for the dissemination of current information to manufacturers’ agents and assures they are kept up to date on the newest advances in the industry and the manufacturers product lines.
  4. The company strives to facilitate the manufacturers’ agents’ job through prompt and efficient filing of orders, prompt payments of commissions, by providing backup support and technical expertise in the event of a problem and has worked closely with agents to ensure customer satisfaction.
  5. The company has supported and been actively engaged in CIPH.

For more information on the CIPH Golden Leaf Award email Nancy Barden: n.barden@ciph.com



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