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Connecting for the Internet of Things Building premieres in Toronto

September 15, 2015 | By HPAC Magazine

Toronto was host to the Connecting for the Internet of Things Building conference today. The informative networking event was held at The Carlu.

Various subjects surrounding the importance of moving towards IoT buildings were presented and discussed by representatives of Distech Controls, AcuityBrands and Periscope. Speakers noted that connectivity within buildings is the key to successful work spaces of the future. New buildings are the easiest to fit with an IoT technical backbone network, however, retrofit options are possible and users should not shy away from hybrid configurations.

Trevor Palmer, vice president, products and marketing, Distech Controls, said that unifying systems within a building saves money, is easy to use and creates a single system approach. He noted that moving towards a holistic network is forward thinking, and in the near future the well being of occupants within a building will be of the utmost importance.

To further explain, Ryan Sen, director, sales support, Distech Controls, said that IoT buildings will be able to detect a person’s presence through their smartphone. For example, people will be able to set their offices to a temperature that suits them from their phone, or emergency procedures will be sent to personal devices showing the best route to evacuate an IoT building for each specific person.

“This is not magic,” said Sen, “Imagine a building that can predict a problem before an occupant even realizes something is wrong.”

The Connecting for the Internet of Things Building conferences are immersive, half-day events custom-designed for building owners, property managers, architects, and consulting engineers, who are on the lookout for leading solutions. Additional conferences are slated for Chicago, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Washington and Atlanta.

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