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An explosion of interest?

February 25, 2013 | By HPAC Magazine

Largely unknown and sinister in their potential to harm, cross bores are the unintended intersections of utilities. In the case of gas lines intersecting sanitary or storm sewers, explosions, injury and death have resulted. Energized utilities, such as natural gas and electric distribution lines, have the potential for immediate and long-term danger. HPAC first reported on this topic in January 2012 (see pdf at right), yet there are many people in the plumbing field who are unaware or unconcerned with the safety implications of these ticking time bombs. Perhaps that will change with CTV’s W5 coverage of cross bores on its January 23, 2013 program. Of particular interest is the coverage of the cross bore house-a utility initiative to better understand the risks with cross bores.



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