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What do homeowners really want from HVAC systems

July 22, 2016 | By Doug Picklyk

UPDATED Emerson Climate Technologies recently conducted a survey of approximately 1,500 U.S. homeowners to determine the most important features they consider when purchasing HVAC systems, what typifies a high degree of satisfaction with their HVAC contractor, and what factors might be preventing someone from buying a new HVAC system if they own an older, more problem-prone system.

The survey results are contained in six different sections, and some key takeaways from each section are offered, for both homeowners and contractors.

According to the survey the Top 5 Homeowner Benefits are:

  • Long term Reliability
  • Monthly Operating Costs
  • Always Produces Desired Air Temperature
  • The Purchase Price
  • Maintains Desired Temperature throughout Home

Key takeaways from the survey for contractors:

  • Having a reputation for quality service and providing reliable systems that last a long time is very important.  Getting those referrals to your customers quickly is also important along with providing recommendations for objective, internet-based information to help them make decisions.
  • Performing diagnostic tests and providing the results of calculations will help customers know you are taking steps to understand their unique needs.  This is also important for their satisfaction with your work and with their equipment selection.
  • Homeowners will probably not be very familiar with terms like SEER and HSPF so explaining these to your customers will be helpful.  They will probably be more familiar with Energy Star, so you might be ready to explain efficiency in that context or as it relates to various rebates available in your area.

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